Will Mercedes Remain Behind Red Bull in 2023? Wolff Weighs In

- Will Mercedes Remain Behind Red Bull in 2023? Wolff Weighs In

Challenging 2022 campaign

The German car manufacturer, Mercedes, faced a difficult season in 2022 with its W13 model. The team experienced high levels of porpoising which took time for the squad to get to the bottom of. However, an intensive effort during the season led to a 1-2 finish in Brazil.

The winter period has given Mercedes chance to rethink certain areas of its car and there have been hints that it could see a concept change. However, Team Principal Toto Wolff has suggested that the team is pushing on with a similar design as they are convinced there is still potential from it.

Wolff is eager not to anticipate that Mercedes will start off at an advantage over rivals Red Bull and Ferrari who dominated much of last year. Instead he wants to be realistic about closing down their lead.

In-season problem solving

“We have understood how we fell back, where our shortcomings are, and what gaps we need to fill,” said Wolff. “We’re working hard on putting a car on the ground that addresses all these issues but we won’t know until testing if this unlocks our full potential.”

“We don’t take for granted catching up with great organisations like Red Bull or Ferrari. We are determined but must set realistic expectations.”

“I think there’s so much potential within our car yet that maybe our development slope can be steeper in months to come”, added Wolff.


Source : motorsport.com


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