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Last Updated on August 5, 2023
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Nationality:  Thailand Born the 23 march 1996 – Londres (Royaume-Uni) – 27 years First Grand Prix: Australia 2019 Last Grand Prix: Belgium 2023 Best Result: 3th Best Grid Position: 4th

Alexander Albon Biography

Alexander Albon, a Thai-British driver who was born in London, has already had an exciting career in Formula 1.

Albon advanced to the top division of motorsport in 2019 as a member of the Red Bull stable after ascending through the junior divisions of racing alongside many other potential F1 drivers.

Here is all the information you need to know about Alexander Albon’s life and career.
the Red Bull Contentpool/Getty Images
Early professional life of Albon, via Getty Images/Red Bull Contentpool

When Albon was eight years old, he began his racing career. The kid rapidly found success in the world of karting after beginning in the Honda Cadet class in 2005. From 2006 until 2011, he held the record for never finishing below the top three in any competition he participated in.

The Thai driver took home a number of titles at both the British and European levels, including the 2010 CIK-FIA World Cup in the KF3 category and the CIK-FIA European Championship in the same year, also in the KF3 category. Albon competed in karting competitions with drivers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

Albon moved up to single-seaters in 2012 and spent many seasons racing in the Formula Renault 2.0 championship. His highest finish in the 2014 Eurocup division was third.

After that, Albon continued to compete in the 2015 FIA Formula 3 European Championship, where he earned five podium finishes and finished seventh overall.

Albon’s transition to the GP3 Series in 2016 marked a further improvement. Albon achieved four victories and seven podium finishes, but it was not nearly enough to win the championship; Leclerc, a colleague, did.
F1, F2, and a last-minute switch to Formula E

Albon made his Formula 2 debut in 2017 with the ART Grand Prix squad. The driver’s year was filled with ups and downs as he was forced to miss the championship’s fourth round in Baku due to a broken collarbone.

He finished the season with 86 points, ranking him tenth overall, as Charles Leclerc once again won the championship.

Albon had a better second year in F2 after transferring to DAMS and teaming up with Nicholas Latifi. Albon won the Feature Race at the second round of the championship in Azerbaijan after starting from the pole position, but he didn’t qualify for the Sprint Race and finished outside the points.

Albon had a challenging weekend in Monaco, as he was collided with in both races. Albon’s victory in the Feature Race at Silverstone, however, made things appear better.

Thereafter, triumphs in the sprint race in Hungary and the feature race in Russia both transpired. Albon ended third overall at the season’s end, behind champion George Russell and fellow Brit Lando Norris, who would both go up to Formula One in 2019.

Albon initially appeared to be headed for Formula E after signing a contract to compete for the Nissan e.dams team in the electric championship. Albon received a chance to compete for the then-named Toro Rosso F1 team in 2019 from Red Bull toward the end of his second season in Formula 2.

Albon felt a little underprepared due to the last-minute change, but he was excited to move up to Formula 1.

For his maiden season in Formula One, Albon was paired with Daniil Kvyat, and he had a successful debut season. On the second race weekend of the Bahrain Grand Prix, he earned his maiden points finish with a P9 performance.

Albon displayed particularly strong performance at the subsequent Grand Prix in China. Albon started the race from the pitlane because a severe crash in Free Practice 3 forced him to visit the hospital and miss qualifying.

The Toro Rosso driver, on the other hand, battled through the pack to finish ninth and earn another point. Additional point finishes occurred in Germany, Hungary, and Monaco.

Following the Hungarian Grand Prix, Red Bull declared that Albon will take the place of struggling Pierre Gasly in the main squad and be returned to Toro Rosso.

Albon made his team debut in Belgium and finished fifth. He then went on to score points in each of the following six races, with his best finish coming in Japan.

Albon was running in second place at the Brazilian Grand Prix when Lewis Hamilton collided with him as the Mercedes tried to pass. Albon dropped to position 14 as a result.

With 92 points earned across his time with Toro Rosso and Red Bull, he finished the season in eighth place overall in the World Championship.

Albon will continue to work with Verstappen for Red Bull in 2020. Albon was unable to finish on the podium until the Tuscan Grand Prix, the ninth race on the calendar, as he found it difficult to match the Dutchman’s performance throughout the year.

Later in the season, Bahrain hosted a second podium finish. Verstappen, who finished third overall with 214 points, was far ahead of Albon, who ultimately concluded the season in seventh place with 105 points.

Red Bull made the decision at year’s end to keep Albon on as a backup and test driver but to replace the Thai driver with Sergio Perez for 2021.

Red Bull was delighted with how Albon’s work on the simulator aided the team’s efforts as Verstappen and the team battled Mercedes and Hamilton throughout the season.

Albon’s agreement with the Williams team and subsequent return to the F1 grid in 2022 were revealed in September 2021.
William Williams Williams
Williams will return to Formula One

After spending a year on the sidelines, George Russell moved on to Mercedes, and Albon took his place at Williams for 2022. Albon said that he owed Russell “a few beers” for putting in a good word for him.

Many people were concerned about Albon’s performance when he returned to an F1 racing seat after his disappointing Red Bull stint caused his reputation to suffer.

The Anglo-Thai shone in 2022 despite the constraints of his Williams FW44, frequently outrunning and outracing teammate Nicholas Latifi.

Albon earned his first points of 2022 with a strong performance in the Australian Grand Prix, where he rose to finish 10th thanks to shrewd tyre management and a well-timed Safety Car period.

A contract renewal with Williams was confirmed during the summer break, and more points were earned in Miami and Belgium, but Albon was forced to miss the Italian Grand Prix after contracting appendicitis.

The Williams driver’s situation got worse when it was discovered that post-operative difficulties had caused him to experience respiratory failure.

Albon endured challenging weekends in Singapore and Japan, despite being well enough to return to the cockpit for the following race there.
Team captain for 2023

Albon will be the sole team leader at Williams in 2023 as Latifi leaves the club after three seasons to be replaced by American rookie Logan Sargeant. Albon says he is excited to help Sargeant through his first F1 season.

With Team Principal Jost Capito and Technical Director FX Demaison both departing during the 2022–23 close season, Albon’s experience will be even more valuable to a Williams team that is in transition.

Alexander Albon Stats


Alexander Albon didn’t win in his career


Alexander Albon had 2 podiums in his career

nYearGrand PrixCircuitPosChassisEngineTyre
22020BahrainSakhir323Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli
12020TuscanyMugello323Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli

Pole positions

Alexander Albon had no pole position in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Alexander Albon has started 71 Grands Prix in his career

nYearGrand PrixTeamN° ConstructorEngineTyreGridRace
712023BelgiumWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1514 
702023HungaryWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1611 
692023BritainWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli88 
682023AustriaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli101110s penalty
672023CanadaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli97 
662023SpainWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1816 
652023MonacoWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1314 
642023MiamiWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1114 
632023AzerbaijanWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1212 
622023AustraliaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli8abAccident
612023Saudi ArabiaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli17abBrakes
602023BahrainWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli1510 
592022Abu DhabiWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1913 
582022São PauloWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1915 
572022Mexico CityWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1712 
562022USAWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli8135s penalty
552022JapanWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli16abWater pressure
542022SingaporeWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli18abDamages
532022NetherlandsWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1512 
522022BelgiumWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli610 
512022HungaryWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1717 
502022FranceWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1313 
492022AustriaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1512 
482022BritainWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli16abPile-up
472022CanadaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1213 
462022AzerbaijanWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1712 
452022MonacoWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli16abHandling
442022SpainWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1818 
432022MiamiWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli189 
422022Emilia-RomagnaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1811 
412022AustraliaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli2010 
402022Saudi ArabiaWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1614Collision
392022BahrainWilliams Racing23WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli1413 
382020Abu DhabiAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli54 
372020SakhirAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli126 
362020BahrainAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli43 
352020TurkeyAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli47 
342020Emilia-RomagnaAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli615 
332020PortugalAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli612 
322020EifelAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli5abOverheating
312020RussiaAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli15105s penalty
302020TuscanyAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli43 
292020ItalyAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli915 
282020BelgiumAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli56 
272020SpainAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli68 
26202070th AnniversaryAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli95 
252020BritainAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli128 
242020HungaryAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli135 
232020StyriaAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli64 
222020AustriaAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli413Electronics
212019Abu DhabiAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli56 
202019BrazilAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli514 
192019USAAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli65 
182019MexicoAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli55 
172019JapanAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli64 
162019RussiaAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli205 
152019SingaporeAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
142019ItalyAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli86 
132019BelgiumAston Martin Red Bull Racing23Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli175 
122019HungaryRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1210 
112019GermanyRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli166 
102019BritainRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli912 
92019AustriaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1815 
82019FranceRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1115 
72019CanadaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli13abWithdrew
62019MonacoRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli108 
52019SpainRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1111 
42019AzerbaijanRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1111 
32019ChinaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli2010 
22019BahrainRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli129 
12019AustraliaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda23Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1314 


Alexander Albon had 5 teammates in his career

5 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
KVYAT Daniil122019 
VERSTAPPEN Max2620192020
LATIFI Nicholas222022 
de VRIES Nyck22022 
SARGEANT Logan1620222023

Result by Grand Prix

nGrand PrixInvolvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
170th Anniversary110
2Abu Dhabi320
20Mexico City1
27São Paulo1
28Saudi Arabia2


Alexander Albon has raced 4 seasons in his career

Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
2023WilliamsMercedes1312110.926463 210
2022WilliamsMercedes192140.191 1005 455
2020Red BullHonda71721056.18159945 014
2019Red Bull
Toro Rosso
Honda821924.381 2456 305

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Alexander Albon had 10 retirements in his career

nYearGrand PrixGridChassisEngineTyreLapRetirement
102023Australia823WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli6Accident
92023Saudi Arabia1723WilliamsFW45MercedesV6 t hPirelli27Brakes
82022Japan1623WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli0Water pressure
72022Singapore1823WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli25Damages
62022Britain1623WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli0Pile-up
52022Monaco1623WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli48Handling
42022Saudi Arabia1623WilliamsFW44MercedesV6 t hPirelli47Collision
32020Eifel523Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli23Overheating
22020Austria423Red BullRB16HondaV6 t hPirelli67Electronics
12019Canada1323Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli59Withdrew
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