Pierre GASLY Biography & Stats

Last Updated on September 7, 2023
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Nationality:  France
Born the 7 february 1996 – Rouen (Seine-Maritime) – 27 years
First Grand Prix: Malaysia 2017
Last Grand Prix: Britain 2023
Best Result: 1st
Best Grid Position: 2th

Early Life and Personal Details

Pierre Jean-Jacques Gasly was born on February 7, 1996 in Rouen, France. He comes from a family deeply involved in motorsports – his grandfather competed in karting, his grandmother was a karting champion, and his father Jean-Jacques competed in various forms of racing including karting, endurance racing, and rallying.

Gasly grew up with fellow driver Anthoine Hubert, karting together from age 7 and living as roommates for several years. He has been close friends since childhood with Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon, although his relationship with Ocon deteriorated during their karting years.

In 2019, Gasly moved to Milan, Italy. Besides his native French, he also speaks Italian and English fluently.

Early Racing Career

Gasly began karting at age 10 in 2006, steadily improving over the next few years. Some highlights:

  • 2007 – Finished 6th in French Minime Championship
  • 2008 – Moved up to 4th in French Minime Championship
  • 2009 – Began competing internationally in KF3 category
  • 2010 – Runner-up in CIK-FIA European KF3 Championship

In 2011, Gasly graduated to single-seaters, competing in the French F4 Championship and finishing 3rd overall with 7 podiums. He moved up to Formula Renault 2.0 in 2012, scoring his first podiums.

The next year proved a breakthrough, as Gasly won the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup title, becoming the youngest champion in the series’ history. He stepped up to Formula Renault 3.5 in 2014, finishing runner-up to Carlos Sainz Jr. as part of the Red Bull Junior Team.

GP2 and Super Formula

Gasly’s results earned him a promotion to the GP2 Series with DAMS in 2015. He scored 4 podiums and 3 pole positions, including an impressive drive from 19th to 7th in his Formula E debut in New York City.

In 2016, Gasly won the GP2 Championship with PREMA Racing, earning his first world title at just 20 years old. He also tested for Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso in Formula 1.

The next year, Gasly competed in Super Formula in Japan for Team Mugen Honda while continuing as reserve driver for Red Bull. He won two consecutive races but lost the championship by just half a point when the final round was cancelled due to a typhoon.

Formula 1 Career

Toro Rosso (2017-2018)

Gasly made his surprise Formula 1 debut for Toro Rosso at the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix, finishing 14th. He missed the US Grand Prix due to the cancelled Super Formula round, but competed in the final three races of the season.

In 2018, Gasly raced full-time for Toro Rosso alongside Brendon Hartley. He scored his first F1 points with a stellar 4th place in Bahrain. Further points finishes in Monaco and Hungary demonstrated his potential.

Red Bull (2019)

Gasly’s strong rookie season led to a promotion to Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen for 2019, replacing Daniel Ricciardo. However, Gasly struggled to match Verstappen’s pace and had a series of poor results.

After just 12 races, Gasly was demoted back to Toro Rosso mid-season. At the time, he had scored just 63 points compared to Verstappen’s 181 points and two wins. Alexander Albon took his place at Red Bull.

Return to Toro Rosso/AlphaTauri (2019-2022)

Back at Toro Rosso, Gasly found much better form. At the Brazilian Grand Prix, he capitalized on retirements and incidents ahead to finish second behind Verstappen. This marked Toro Rosso’s best result since 2008 and Honda’s first 1-2 since 1991.

Gasly remained with the team, now rebranded AlphaTauri, for 2020. In a chaotic Italian Grand Prix, he inherited the lead and held off Carlos Sainz Jr. to take a shock victory – his first F1 win and the first by a French driver since 1996.

Gasly continued to excel with AlphaTauri over the next two seasons, scoring his third F1 podium with 3rd place in Baku in 2021. He earned a reputation as a standout midfielder who consistently maximized the performance of his car.

Alpine (2023-present)

For 2023, Gasly finally earned a move to a race-winning team, signing for Alpine to replace Fernando Alonso. He made his debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix, finishing 9th despite starting last after a penalty. Paired with former junior rival Esteban Ocon, Gasly aims to take Alpine to the next level and challenge for wins.

Still just 26 years old, Gasly’s combination of raw speed, race craft and maturity makes him one of the most exciting talents in F1 today. If provided a competitive car, he appears poised to fight for championships and establish himself as a superstar of the sport.

Unique Perspective

As someone who follows Formula 1 closely, I believe Gasly’s journey has been one of the most fascinating in recent years. His setbacks and triumphs have molded him into a determined, resilient character capable of brilliance on his day. While he perhaps joined Red Bull too soon in 2019, he has since rebuilt his reputation with sterling drives that mark him as a future world champion in waiting.

Gasly’s supreme talent has been evident from his junior career, but he has also demonstrated exceptional mental strength and self-belief to recover from adversity. I am excited to see him get a fresh start with Alpine, where he can thrive in a more nurturing environment. With his skill and hunger, Gasly can rise to the pinnacle of the sport, and cement his status as one of the finest French drivers in F1 history.


How old is Pierre Gasly ?

Pierre Gasly was born on February 7, 1996, which makes him 27 years old as of September 1, 2023

How tall is Pierre Gasly ?

Pierre Gasly is 1.77 meters tall or 5 feet 10 inches

Where does Pierre Gasly live ?

Pierre Gasly, a French Formula One driver, has been living in Milan, Italy since 2019

How much does Pierre Gasly make, net worth ?

As of September 2023, Pierre Gasly, the 27-year-old French Formula 1 driver, has a net worth of $33 million. He also has assets worth $20 million. Gasly’s net worth is expected to continue growing in the following years. In 2023, he signed a contract with Alpine that nets him a salary of $5 million per year

Why don’t Gasly and Ocon get along ?

Gasly and Ocon used to be friends when they were younger and racing in karting. However, their relationship deteriorated as they got older and started racing against each other in Formula 1.

Gasly said that he started to beat Ocon, and Ocon did not like it, so they are not friends anymore. Despite this, both drivers are keen to work together as teammates and have a strong working relationship.

Ocon has clashed with every teammate he has had in the past, including Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso. However, he and Gasly are both professionals and have no issue working together. 

Ocon has admitted that they won’t ever be “friends,” but he is certain that they can be “professional”

Pierre GASLY Stats


Pierre GASLY had 1 win in his career

nYearGrand PrixCircuitChassisEngineTyre
12020ItalyMonza10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli


Pierre GASLY had 3 podiums in his career

nYearGrand PrixCircuitPosChassisEngineTyre
32021AzerbaijanBakou310AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli
22020ItalyMonza110AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli
12019BrazilInterlagos210Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli

Pole positions

Pierre GASLY had in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Pierre GASLY has started 118 Grands Prix in his career

nYearGrand PrixTeamN° ConstructorEngineTyreGridRace
1182023BritainBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli1018Collision
1172023AustriaBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli91010s penalty
1162023CanadaBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli1512 
1152023SpainBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli1010 
1142023MonacoBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli77 
1132023MiamiBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli58 
1122023AzerbaijanBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli1714 
1112023AustraliaBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli913Collision
1102023Saudi ArabiaBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli99 
1092023BahrainBWT Alpine F1 Team10AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli209 
1082022Abu DhabiScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1714 
1072022São PauloScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli10145s penalty
1062022Mexico CityScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1411 
1052022USAScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli111410s penalty
1042022JapanScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli201820s penalty
1032022SingaporeScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli710 
1022022ItalyScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli58 
1012022NetherlandsScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1111 
1002022BelgiumScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli89 
992022HungaryScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli2012 
982022FranceScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1412 
972022AustriaScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli14155s penalty
962022BritainScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli11abRear wing
952022CanadaScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1514 
942022AzerbaijanScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli65 
932022MonacoScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1711 
922022SpainScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1413 
912022MiamiScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli7abSuspension
902022Emilia-RomagnaScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli1712 
892022AustraliaScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli119 
882022Saudi ArabiaScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli98 
872022BahrainScuderia AlphaTauri10AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli10abFire
862021Abu DhabiScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli125 
852021Saudi ArabiaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
842021QatarScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli211 
832021São PauloScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli77 
822021Mexico CityScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli54 
812021USAScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli8abSuspension
802021TurkeyScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli46 
792021RussiaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli1113 
782021ItalyScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli20abSuspension
772021NetherlandsScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli44 
762021BelgiumScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
752021HungaryScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli55 
742021BritainScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli1111 
732021AustriaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli69 
722021StyriaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli6abCollision
712021FranceScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli67 
702021AzerbaijanScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli43 
692021MonacoScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
682021SpainScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli1210 
672021PortugalScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli910 
662021Emilia-RomagnaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli57 
652021BahrainScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli517Undertray
642020Abu DhabiScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli98 
632020SakhirScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli911 
622020BahrainScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli86 
612020TurkeyScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli1913 
602020Emilia-RomagnaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli4abWater leak
592020PortugalScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli95 
582020EifelScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli126 
572020RussiaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli99 
562020TuscanyScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli16abCollision
552020ItalyScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli101 
542020BelgiumScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli128 
532020SpainScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli109 
52202070th AnniversaryScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli711 
512020BritainScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli117 
502020HungaryScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli10abGearbox
492020StyriaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli715 
482020AustriaScuderia AlphaTauri Honda10AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli127 
472019Abu DhabiRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1118 
462019BrazilRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli62 
452019USARed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1016Suspension
442019MexicoRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli109 
432019JapanRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli97 
422019RussiaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1614 
412019SingaporeRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli118 
402019ItalyRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli1711 
392019BelgiumRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli139 
382019HungaryAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
372019GermanyAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli414Collision
362019BritainAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli54 
352019AustriaAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli87 
342019FranceAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli910 
332019CanadaAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli58 
322019MonacoAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli85 
312019SpainAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
302019AzerbaijanAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli20abDrive shaft
292019ChinaAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
282019BahrainAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli138 
272019AustraliaAston Martin Red Bull Racing10Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli1711 
262018Abu DhabiRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli17abEngine
252018BrazilRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli913 
242018MexicoRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli2010 
232018USARed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli1912 
222018JapanRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli711 
212018RussiaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli17abBrakes
202018SingaporeRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli1513 
192018ItalyRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli914 
182018BelgiumRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli109 
172018HungaryRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli66 
162018GermanyRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli2014 
152018BritainRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli14135s penalty
142018AustriaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli1211 
132018FranceRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli14abCollision
122018CanadaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli1911 
112018MonacoRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli107 
102018SpainRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli12abCollision
92018AzerbaijanRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli1712 
82018ChinaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli171810s penalty
72018BahrainRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli54 
62018AustraliaRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli20abEngine
52017Abu DhabiScuderia Toro Rosso10Toro RossoSTR12RenaultV6 t hPirelli1716 
42017BrazilScuderia Toro Rosso10Toro RossoSTR12RenaultV6 t hPirelli1912 
32017MexicoScuderia Toro Rosso10Toro RossoSTR12RenaultV6 t hPirelli2013 
22017JapanScuderia Toro Rosso10Toro RossoSTR12RenaultV6 t hPirelli1413 
12017MalaysiaScuderia Toro Rosso10Toro RossoSTR12RenaultV6 t hPirelli1514 


Pierre GASLY had 9 teammates in his career

9 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
GELAEL Sean22017 
SAINZ Carlos22017 
HARTLEY Brendon2420172018
KVYAT Daniil2620192020
YAMAMOTO Naoki12019 
TSUNODA Yuki4420212022
LAWSON Liam22022 
OCON Esteban112023 

Result by Grand Prix

nGrand PrixInvolvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
170th Anniversary100000
2Abu Dhabi6000014.00
21Mexico City2000012.00
29São Paulo200006.00
30Saudi Arabia3000014.00


Pierre GASLY has raced 7 seasons in his career

Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
2023AlpineRenault1210000016.001.60006022 978
2022AlphaTauriRBPT1422000023.001.05001 2376 197
2021AlphaTauriHonda9220011110.005.00001 1265 543
2020AlphaTauriHonda1017100175.004.41261518644 392
2019Toro Rosso
Red Bull
Honda721002195.004.52001 2346 230
2018Toro RossoHonda1521000029.001.38001 0325 154
2017Toro RossoRenault215000000003011 510

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Pierre GASLY had 21 retirements in his career

nYearGrand PrixGridChassisEngineTyreLapRetirement
212023Hungary1510AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli1Collision
202023Britain1010AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli46Collision
192023Australia910AlpineA523RenaultV6 t hPirelli56Collision
182022Britain1110AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli26Rear wing
172022Miami710AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli45Suspension
162022Bahrain1010AlphaTauriAT03RBPTV6 t hPirelli44Fire
152021USA810AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli14Suspension
142021Italy2010AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli3Suspension
132021Styria610AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli1Collision
122021Bahrain510AlphaTauriAT02HondaV6 t hPirelli52Undertray
112020Emilia-Romagna410AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli8Water leak
102020Tuscany1610AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli0Collision
92020Hungary1010AlphaTauriAT01HondaV6 t hPirelli15Gearbox
82019USA1010Toro RossoSTR14HondaV6 t hPirelli54Suspension
72019Germany410Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli61Collision
62019Azerbaijan2010Red BullRB15HondaV6 t hPirelli38Drive shaft
52018Abu Dhabi1710Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli46Engine
42018Russia1710Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli4Brakes
32018France1410Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli0Collision
22018Spain1210Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli0Collision
12018Australia2010Toro RossoSTR13HondaV6 t hPirelli13Engine
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