Porsche Makes Bold Move for Racing’s Future: Hypercar and LMDh Unification

- Porsche Makes Bold Move for Racing's Future: Hypercar and LMDh Unification

IMSA’s New LMDH Regulations

The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) has announced a new set of regulations for its premier GTP class for 2023, which will be known as the Le Mans Daytona Hybrid (LMDh). This class of vehicles is designed to compete in both IMSA and the Hypercar category of FIA World Endurance Championship events.

The main difference between the two classes of cars is that while LMDh vehicles are powered by common electrical hybrid systems on the rear axle only, Le Mans Hypercar machinery from Ferrari, Peugeot and Toyota feature bespoke hybrid systems with power sent to the front axle.

To ensure a level playing field between the two sets of rules, IMSA, FIA and Le Mans organiser ACO have implemented a performance balancing system. Porsche’s Head of Motorsport Fritz Enzinger believes it would be better if there was one unified set of regulations in future.

Extending The Powertrain Potential

Porsche motorsport director Pascal Laudenbach believes increasing the potential of LMDh cars’ hybrid system would be a sensible direction for any future convergence. He also thinks electrification might become necessary at some point in order to meet automotive industry demands.

“If you take LMDh as a starting point, I think you can always climb up the ladder by increasing the electrical part of their powertrain,” he explained. “Next step might be to give more freedom so extend the power and storage system to put more importance on electric component.”

“One day we might need to decide if we go completely electric or not – but hybrids are here now and they can always be developed further.”

Sources : Autosport.

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