Norris and Piastri Predicts Epic Battle Against Top F1 Teams at Jeddah

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Last Updated on March 6, 2024

As we gear up for the next race, the question on everyone’s minds is how McLaren will perform. The team’s trajectory last season was far from smooth, starting with a multitude of issues that significantly impacted their performance.

Last year, both Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris had a tough time at this track. Piastri finished 15th, while Norris ended up in 17th position. Their performance was marred by early incidents that necessitated front wing changes, effectively eliminating any opportunity for them to demonstrate their true potential.

Piastri’s Cautious Optimism

Despite the past challenges, Piastri remains cautiously optimistic. He hints that the upcoming track might be more favorable for them, stating, “We’ll have to wait and see, hopefully it should suit us a bit better – it was a semi-happy hunting ground for me in qualifying at least.”

Piastri acknowledges the demanding nature of the track, emphasizing the need for intense focus. “Qualifying you are flat out and you know if you get it wrong it will bite. You have to concentrate around here a lot” he adds.

Norris Weighs In

Sharing his thoughts on the upcoming race, Norris expresses a positive outlook. He anticipates competition from teams like Aston, Mercedes, Ferrari, and hopefully Red Bull, although he admits the latter is unlikely.

Norris believes the high-speed nature of the track could work in their favor, stating, “We are thinking this track should suit us more than Bahrain as it’s higher-speed.” He acknowledges the challenge and excitement that comes with this, adding, “It’s a good thing for us, it’s exciting, makes us work hard.”

However, Norris doesn’t rank this track among his favorites, despite acknowledging its reasonable opportunities for overtaking in the past. He describes it as “a reasonable track for overtaking in the past.”

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