Is Aston Martin Ready to Upset the Giants? Fernando Alonso’s Bold Prediction for the Dutch Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso in a green jacket holding a microphone at the v2023 Dutch Grand Prix
Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Formula 1 driver, is optimistic and hopeful about securing a podium finish at the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix in 2023.

Alonso has expressed his confidence in Aston Martin’s performance for the remainder of the season, despite acknowledging the challenges they may face. As the Formula 1 season resumes after the summer break, Alonso expects Red Bull to maintain their dominance, while teams like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren will compete fiercely for the third spot on the podium.

Aston Martin had a strong start to the season, surpassing expectations by securing six podium finishes, all achieved by Alonso. However, the team faced some setbacks towards the end of the first half of the year. Aston Martin aims to regain the form they demonstrated earlier in the season and understands the difficulty and costliness of achieving podium finishes.

In a press conference leading up to the Dutch Grand Prix, Alonso mentioned that he would not be disappointed if he didn’t secure another podium finish for the remainder of the season, but he hopes to achieve at least two or three more.

As Alonso arrives at Zandvoort for the race, he is pleased with the updates and improvements made to the car. He hopes for a clear direction in terms of the car’s development for the current and upcoming seasons.

The team has introduced new parts and aerodynamics in recent races, aiming for optimal performance. However, Alonso acknowledges that Aston Martin’s biggest challenge is keeping up with their direct competitors in terms of development.

Alonso emphasized the competitiveness of the Formula 1 landscape and how quickly things can change. He recognized Aston Martin’s strong position and the team’s ability to maximize opportunities.

The team has worked on strategy and reliability, not just the pace of the car, to ensure a successful race weekend. However, as Aston Martin faces fierce competition from other teams that have made significant progress, Alonso sees it as their biggest challenge yet.

“Aston Martin have a new floor this weekend, plus a suite of additional aerodynamic upgrades. They are pushing on with developing this car and very focused on getting P2 in the championship rather than abandoning this campaign and throwing everything at 2024.”

F1 Correspondent Lawrence Barretto

Looking at the championship standings, Alonso expects many changes throughout the season. He is currently fighting for third place with Lewis Hamilton and anticipates a fluctuating battle as teams introduce improvements.

While Mercedes has been slightly faster and more consistent, Alonso believes that their performance has been less predictable compared to Aston Martin’s.

The Dutch Grand Prix will be a crucial race for Alonso and Aston Martin as they strive to secure valuable points and maintain their position in the championship. Alonso’s hope for a podium finish reflects his determination and confidence in the team’s abilities.

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