Vettel Breaks Silence on Alonso’s Aston Martin Success

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel in the press room
Last Updated on August 17, 2023

Sebastian Vettel, the four-time Formula One World Champion, expressed his happiness about Fernando Alonso’s success with Aston Martin.

Alonso, who returned to the sport for Alpine after a two-year hiatus, and moved to Aston martin this year, had a fantastic start to the season.

Vettel’s Reaction

When asked about Alonso’s performance, Vettel said, “I am happy for Fernando. For many years, he did not have a car with which he could show his driving talents. Now he can and he is at the top.” Vettel also praised Alonso’s ability to adapt quickly to new cars and tracks.

He stated that Alonso’s experience and knowledge of the sport make him a formidable opponent on the track.

Vettel and Alonso have had a long-standing rivalry in the sport, dating back to their days at Red Bull and Ferrari, respectively. However, Vettel’s recent comments show that there is a mutual respect between the two drivers.

Alonso’s Recent Performances

Alonso has shown impressive speed at the start of the season, with 6 podiums. His performances have been particularly impressive considering where was the Aston Martin car last season, and the huge leap they did.

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