Former Ferrari President Speaks Out Against Ferrari Mentality : “Enzo would never have accepted”

Enzo Ferrari / Luca Di Montezemolo and Niki Lauda
Last Updated on September 7, 2023

Luca di Montezemolo, the former president of Scuderia Ferrari, has expressed his disappointment towards the team’s performance in the 2023 season.

Montezemolo, who previously worked under Enzo Ferrari in the 1970s, stated that Enzo would never have accepted settling for a podium and admitting defeat against other teams.

Enzo Ferrari’s Mentality

Montezemolo believes that Enzo Ferrari taught him never to rest on his laurels and to always strive for victory.

According to him, Enzo was always thinking about the next race after a win and despised holidays. He would keep his team working even in August, which is traditionally a vacation time in Italy.

Enzo Ferrari had a unique vision for his team. He believed that Ferrari is not just a brand but an emotion that has human and social value in its industry.

He saw it as a symbol of research and innovation, and Montezemolo tried to stay faithful to his lesson as the president of the team from 1991 to 2014.

Montezemolo’s comments come after Ferrari’s disappointing performance at Spa, where the team settled for a third-place finish.

He believes that applauding such a result is not how Ferrari operates and that Enzo would never have accepted it.

Ferrari’s 2023 Season

Ferrari’s 2023 season has been underwhelming so far, with the team struggling to keep up with the pace of their rivals.

They have only managed to secure one victory in the first ten races of the season, with their drivers finishing outside the podium in most of the races.

The team has been under pressure to perform, with their fans and stakeholders expecting better results. Ferrari has a rich history in motorsport, with 16 constructors championships and 15 drivers’ championships to their name.

However, their last championship victory came in 2008, and they have been struggling to replicate their past success in recent years.

Ferrari’s current driver lineup consists of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr, who replaced Sebastian Vettel in 2021.

The team has been trying to build a competitive car around their new drivers, but they have not been able to match the pace of Mercedes and Red Bull so far this season.

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