Stoffel VANDOORNE Biography & Stats

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

Nationality:  Belgium
Born the 26 march 1992 – Courtrai (Flandre-Occidentale) – 31 years

First Grand Prix: Bahrain 2016
Last Grand Prix: Abu Dhabi 2018

Best Result: 7th
Best Grid Position: 7th


Stoffel VANDOORNE Biography


Stoffel VANDOORNE Stats


Stoffel VANDOORNE has in his F1 career


Stoffel VANDOORNE has in his F1 career

Pole positions

Stoffel VANDOORNE has in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Stoffel VANDOORNE has started 41 Grands Prix in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Team N° Constructor Engine Tyre Grid Race
412018Abu DhabiMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1814 
402018BrazilMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli20155s penalty
392018MexicoMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli158 
382018USAMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1711 
372018JapanMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1915 
362018RussiaMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1516 
352018SingaporeMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1812 
342018ItalyMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1712 
332018BelgiumMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli2015 
322018HungaryMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli15abGearbox
312018GermanyMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1813 
302018BritainMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1711 
292018AustriaMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1415Gearbox
282018FranceMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1712 
272018CanadaMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1516 
262018MonacoMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1214 
252018SpainMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli11abGearbox
242018AzerbaijanMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli169 
232018ChinaMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli1413 
222018BahrainMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli148 
212018AustraliaMcLaren F1 Team2McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli119 
202017Abu DhabiMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli1312 
192017BrazilMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli12abCollision
182017MexicoMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli1912 
172017USAMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli2012 
162017JapanMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli914 
152017MalaysiaMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli77 
142017SingaporeMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli97 
132017ItalyMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli18abPower loss
122017BelgiumMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli2014 
112017HungaryMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli810 
102017BritainMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli811 
92017AustriaMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli1312 
82017AzerbaijanMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli1812 
72017CanadaMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli1614 
62017MonacoMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli12abAccident
52017SpainMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli20abCollision
42017RussiaMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli2014 
32017ChinaMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli15abFuel injection
22017AustraliaMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team2McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli1813 
12016BahrainMcLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team47McLarenMP4-31HondaV6 t hPirelli1210 


Stoffel VANDOORNE has 3 teammates in his F1 career
3 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
ALONSO Fernando 4120162018
BUTTON Jenson 220162017
NORRIS Lando 72018 

Result by Grand Prix

n Grand Prix Involvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
1Abu Dhabi200000
2Australia20000 2.00
4Azerbaijan20000 2.00
5Bahrain30000 5.00
13Hungary20000 1.00
16Malaysia10000 6.00
17Mexico20000 4.00
20Singapore20000 6.00


Stoffel VANDOORNE has raced 3 seasons in his F1 career
Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
16 210000 12.000.57001 2006 096
16 190000 13.000.6800 9514 862
20 10000 1.001.0000 56 303

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Stoffel VANDOORNE has 8 retirements in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Grid Chassis Engine Tyre Lap Retirement
82018Hungary152McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli49Gearbox
72018Austria142McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli65Gearbox
62018Spain112McLarenMCL33RenaultV6 t hPirelli45Gearbox
52017Brazil122McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli0Collision
42017Italy182McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli33Power loss
32017Monaco122McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli66Accident
22017Spain202McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli32Collision
12017China152McLarenMCL32HondaV6 t hPirelli17Fuel injection

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