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What is tyres Graining in F1 ?

Graining is a term used in Formula 1 to describe the degradation of the tyre over the course…
mclaren tempted by wec but not ready to take the plunge 3

What is a Slipstream in F1?

F1 is a sport that features excellent aerodynamics and fast racing. The slipstream effect is one of the…
79th members meeting f1 v10 demo 25012204

When did F1 stop using V10 ?

The last time a V10 engine was used in an F1 grand prix was in 1997, after the…
unravelling robert shwartzmans rise to gt world challenge europe 2

Are F1 Cars Painted or Wrapped?

Several people have wondered whether Formula One vehicles are painted or wrapped because of their striking appearance :…