Rolf STOMMELEN Biography & Stats

Last Updated on August 4, 2023

Nationality:  Germany
Born the 11 july 1943 – Siegen (Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie) Die the 24 april 1983 – 39 years – Riverside (Etats-Unis) – Accident durant une course de voitures de sport sur Porsche

First Grand Prix: South Africa 1970
Last Grand Prix: USA East 1978

Best Result: 3th
Best Grid Position: 7th


Rolf STOMMELEN Biography




Rolf STOMMELEN has in his F1 career


Rolf STOMMELEN has 1 podium in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Circuit Pos Chassis Engine Tyre
11970AustriaÖsterreichring311BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear

Pole positions

Rolf STOMMELEN has in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Rolf STOMMELEN has started 53 Grands Prix in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Team N° Constructor Engine Tyre Grid Race
531978USA EastArrows Racing Team36ArrowsA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2216 
521978GermanyArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17dsqDrove in wrong direction
511978FranceArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2115 
501978SwedenArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2414 
491978SpainArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1914 
481978BelgiumArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17abAccident
471978MonacoArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear19abPains
461978USA WestArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear189 
451978South AfricaArrows Racing Team36ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear229 
441976ItalyMartini Racing7BrabhamBT45Alfa RomeoF12Goodyear11abFuel injection
431976NetherlandsHesketh Racing with Rizla Penthouse25Hesketh308DFord CosworthV8Goodyear2512 
421976GermanyMartini Racing77BrabhamBT45Alfa RomeoF12Goodyear156 
411975ItalyEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill22HillGH1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear23abVibration
401975AustriaEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill22HillGH1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2316 
391975SpainEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill22HillGH1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear9abAccident
381975South AfricaEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill23LolaT371Ford CosworthV8Goodyear147 
371975BrazilEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill23LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2314 
361975ArgentinaEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill23LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1913 
351974USAEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill27LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Firestone2112 
341974CanadaEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill27LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Firestone1111 
331974ItalyEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill27LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Firestone14abSuspension
321974AustriaEmbassy Racing with Graham Hill27LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Firestone13abPuncture
311973CanadaCeramica Pagnossin Team MRD9BrabhamBT42Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1812 
301973ItalyCeramica Pagnossin Team MRD9BrabhamBT42Ford CosworthV8Goodyear912 
291973AustriaCeramica Pagnossin Team MRD9BrabhamBT42Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17abWheel bearing
281973GermanyCeramica Pagnossin Team MRD9BrabhamBT42Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1611 
271972AustriaTeam Eifelland Caravans27Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1715 
261972GermanyTeam Eifelland Caravans22Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear14abElectrics
251972BritainTeam Eifelland Caravans33Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2510 
241972FranceTeam Eifelland Caravans10Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1516 
231972BelgiumTeam Eifelland Caravans6Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2011 
221972MonacoTeam Eifelland Caravans27Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2510 
211972SpainTeam Eifelland Caravans16Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17abRunway exit
201972South AfricaTeam Eifelland Caravans25Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2513 
191971CanadaAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees24SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone23abOverheating
181971AustriaAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees24SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone127 
171971GermanyAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees12SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone1210 
161971BritainAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees24SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone125 
151971FranceAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees24SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone1011 
141971NetherlandsAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees29SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone10dsqPush start
131971MonacoAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees24SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone166 
121971SpainAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees25SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone19abFuel pressure
111971South AfricaAuto Motor und Sport Team Surtees21SurteesTS7Ford CosworthV8Firestone1512 
101970MexicoAuto Motor Und Sport16BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17abFuel injection
91970USAAuto Motor Und Sport16BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1912 
81970CanadaAuto Motor Und Sport12BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear18abSteering
71970ItalyAuto Motor Und Sport46BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear175 
61970AustriaAuto Motor Und Sport11BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear173 
51970GermanyAuto Motor Und Sport21BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear115 
41970FranceAuto Motor Und Sport22BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear147 
31970BelgiumAuto Motor Und Sport19BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear75 
21970SpainAuto Motor Und Sport24BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17abValve
11970South AfricaAuto Motor Und Sport14BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear15abEngine


Rolf STOMMELEN has 8 teammates in his F1 career
8 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
WATSON John 11973 
HILL Graham 719741975
MIGAULT François 11975 
BRISE Tony 21975 
REUTEMANN Carlos 11976 
PACE Carlos 21976 
LOMBARDI Lella 11976 
PATRESE Riccardo 141978 

Result by Grand Prix

n Grand Prix Involvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
2Austria7000 1 4.00
3Belgium30000 2.00
5Britain40000 2.00
8Germany70000 3.00
9Italy70000 2.00
11Monaco40000 1.00
13South Africa500000
17USA East100000
18USA West100000


Rolf STOMMELEN has raced 8 seasons in his F1 career
Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
Ford Cosworth
nc 900000000 5072 208
Ford Cosworth
Alfa Romeo
20 30000 1.000.3300 127 862
Ford Cosworth
nc 6000000 8 30 2231 207
Ford Cosworth
nc 400000000 171 829
Ford Cosworth
nc 400000000 1651 056
1972Eifelland March
Ford Cosworth
nc 800000000 4141 940
Ford Cosworth
20 90000 3.000.3300 3951 975
Ford Cosworth
11 10000 1 10.001.0000 4512 578

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Rolf STOMMELEN has 16 retirements in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Grid Chassis Engine Tyre Lap Retirement
161978Belgium1736ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear26Accident
151978Monaco1936ArrowsFA1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear38Pains
141976Italy117BrabhamBT45Alfa RomeoF12Goodyear41Fuel injection
131975Italy2322HillGH1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear3Vibration
121975Spain922HillGH1Ford CosworthV8Goodyear25Accident
111974Italy1427LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Firestone25Suspension
101974Austria1327LolaT370Ford CosworthV8Firestone14Puncture
91973Austria179BrabhamBT42Ford CosworthV8Goodyear21Wheel bearing
81972Germany1422Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear6Electrics
71972Spain1716Eifelland MarchE21Ford CosworthV8Goodyear15Runway exit
61971Canada2324SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone26Overheating
51971Spain1925SurteesTS9Ford CosworthV8Firestone9Fuel pressure
41970Mexico1716BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear15Fuel injection
31970Canada1812BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear23Steering
21970Spain1724BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear43Valve
11970South Africa1514BrabhamBT33Ford CosworthV8Goodyear23Engine

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