Peter REVSON Biography & Stats

Last Updated on August 4, 2023

Nationality:  USA
Born the 27 february 1939 – New York Die the 22 march 1974 – 35 years – Kyalami (Afrique du Sud) – Accident durant des essais de F1 sur Shadow

First Grand Prix: Belgium 1964
Last Grand Prix: Brazil 1974

Best Result: 1st
Best Grid Position: 1st


Peter REVSON Biography


Peter REVSON Stats


Peter REVSON has 2 wins in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Circuit Chassis Engine Tyre
21973CanadaMosport Park8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
11973BritainSilverstone8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear


Peter REVSON has 8 podiums in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Circuit Pos Chassis Engine Tyre
81973CanadaMosport Park18McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
71973ItalyMonza38McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
61973BritainSilverstone18McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
51973South AfricaKyalami26McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear
41972CanadaMosport Park219McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear
31972AustriaÖsterreichring314McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear
21972BritainBrands Hatch319McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear
11972South AfricaKyalami314McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear

Pole positions

Peter REVSON has 1 pole position in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Circuit Chassis Engine Tyre
11972CanadaMosport Park19McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear

Grands Prix started

Peter REVSON has started 30 Grands Prix in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Team N° Constructor Engine Tyre Grid Race
301974BrazilUOP Shadow Racing Team16ShadowDN3Ford CosworthV8Goodyear6abOverheating
291974ArgentinaUOP Shadow Racing Team16ShadowDN3Ford CosworthV8Goodyear4abCollision
281973USAYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear75 
271973CanadaYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear21 
261973ItalyYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear23 
251973AustriaYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear4abClutch
241973GermanyYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear79 
231973NetherlandsYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear64 
221973BritainYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear31 
211973SwedenYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear77 
201973MonacoYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear155 
191973BelgiumYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear10abRunway exit
181973SpainYardley Team McLaren6McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear54 
171973South AfricaYardley Team McLaren6McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear62 
161973BrazilYardley Team McLaren8McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear12abGearbox
151973ArgentinaYardley Team McLaren16McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear118 
141972USAYardley Team McLaren20McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear218Ignition
131972CanadaYardley Team McLaren19McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear12 
121972ItalyYardley Team McLaren15McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear84 
111972AustriaYardley Team McLaren14McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear43 
101972BritainYardley Team McLaren19McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear33 
91972BelgiumYardley Team McLaren10McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear77 
81972SpainYardley Team McLaren20McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear115 
71972South AfricaYardley Team McLaren14McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear123 
61972ArgentinaYardley Team McLaren18McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear3abEngine
51971USAElf Team Tyrrell10Tyrrell001Ford CosworthV8Goodyear19abClutch
21964BritainReg Parnell Racing24Lotus25BRMV8Dunlop22abDifferential
11964BelgiumReg Parnell Racing29Lotus24BRMV8Dunlop10dsqPush start


Peter REVSON has 9 teammates in his F1 career
9 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
AMON Chris 31964 
HAILWOOD Mike 31964 
STEWART Jackie 11971 
CEVERT François 11971 
HULME Denny 2319721973
REDMAN Brian 11972 
SCHECKTER Jody 619721973
ICKX Jacky 11973 
JARIER Jean-Pierre 31974 

Result by Grand Prix

n Grand Prix Involvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
2Austria2000 1 4.00
5Britain3 100 2 13.00
6Canada2 1 10 2 15.00
9Italy3000 1 7.00
10Monaco20000 2.00
11Netherlands10000 3.00
12South Africa3000 2 10.00
13Spain20000 5.00
15USA30000 2.00


Peter REVSON has raced 5 seasons in his F1 career
Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
Ford Cosworth
nc 200000000 12 94
Ford Cosworth
5 14 200 4 38.002.71 63 271 7833 537
Ford Cosworth
5 90 10 4 23.002.5600 6202 675
Ford Cosworth
nc 100000000 1 5
nc 400000000 1521 206

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Peter REVSON has 10 retirements in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Grid Chassis Engine Tyre Lap Retirement
101974Brazil616ShadowDN3Ford CosworthV8Goodyear11Overheating
91974Argentina416ShadowDN3Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1Collision
81973Austria48McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear0Clutch
71973Belgium108McLarenM23Ford CosworthV8Goodyear33Runway exit
61973Brazil128McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear3Gearbox
51972USA220McLarenM19CFord CosworthV8Goodyear54Ignition
41972Argentina318McLarenM19AFord CosworthV8Goodyear50Engine
31971USA1910Tyrrell001Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1Clutch

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