Paul di RESTA Biography & Stats

Last Updated on August 4, 2023

Nationality:  United Kingdom
Born the 16 april 1986 – Uphall (West Lothian) – 37 years

First Grand Prix: Australia 2011
Last Grand Prix: Hungary 2017

Best Result: 4th
Best Grid Position: 5th


Paul di RESTA Biography


Paul di RESTA Stats


Paul di RESTA has in his F1 career


Paul di RESTA has in his F1 career

Pole positions

Paul di RESTA has in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Paul di RESTA has started 59 Grands Prix in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Team N° Constructor Engine Tyre Grid Race
592017HungaryWilliams Martini Racing40WilliamsFW40MercedesV6 t hPirelli19abOil leak
582013BrazilSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli1211 
572013USASahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli1115 
562013Abu DhabiSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli116 
552013IndiaSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli128 
542013JapanSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli1211 
532013South KoreaSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli15abRunway exit
522013SingaporeSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli1720Accident
512013ItalySahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli15abCollision
502013BelgiumSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli5abCollision
492013HungarySahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli1818Hydraulics
482013GermanySahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli1211 
472013BritainSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli219 
462013CanadaSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli177 
452013MonacoSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli179 
442013SpainSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli107 
432013BahrainSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli54 
422013ChinaSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli118 
412013MalaysiaSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli15abWheel nut
402013AustraliaSahara Force India F1 Team14Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli98 
392012BrazilSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1019Accident
382012USASahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1315 
372012Abu DhabiSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli129 
362012IndiaSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1612 
352012South KoreaSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1412 
342012JapanSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1112 
332012SingaporeSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli64 
322012ItalySahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli98 
312012BelgiumSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli910 
302012HungarySahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1212 
292012GermanySahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli911 
282012BritainSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli10abUndertray
272012EuropeSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli107 
262012CanadaSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli811 
252012MonacoSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli147 
242012SpainSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1214 
232012BahrainSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli106 
222012ChinaSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1512 
212012MalaysiaSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli147 
202012AustraliaSahara Force India F1 Team11Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli1510 
192011BrazilForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli118 
182011Abu DhabiForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli109 
172011IndiaForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1213 
162011South KoreaForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli910 
152011JapanForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1212 
142011SingaporeForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli106 
132011ItalyForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli118 
122011BelgiumForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1711 
112011HungaryForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli117 
102011GermanyForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1213 
92011BritainForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli615 
82011EuropeForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1214 
72011CanadaForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1118Accident
62011MonacoForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1312 
52011SpainForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1612 
42011TurkeyForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli13abWheel
32011ChinaForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli811 
22011MalaysiaForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1410 
12011AustraliaForce India F1 Team15Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli1410 


Paul di RESTA has 7 teammates in his F1 career
7 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
LIUZZI Vitantonio 82010 
SUTIL Adrian 4620102013
HULKENBERG Nico 3420112012
BIANCHI Jules 92012 
CALADO James 52013 
STROLL Lance 12017 
MASSA Felipe 12017 

Result by Grand Prix

n Grand Prix Involvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
1Abu Dhabi30000 12.00
2Australia40000 6.00
3Bahrain20000 20.00
4Belgium30000 1.00
5Brazil30000 4.00
6Britain40000 2.00
7Canada30000 6.00
8China40000 4.00
9Europe30000 6.00
11Hungary50000 6.00
12India30000 4.00
13Italy40000 8.00
15Malaysia40000 7.00
16Monaco30000 8.00
17Singapore30000 20.00
18South Korea30000 1.00
19Spain40000 6.00


Paul di RESTA has raced 5 seasons in his F1 career
Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
nc 100000000 60 263
2013Force India
12 190000 48.002.53 3 16 9824 938
2012Force India
14 200000 46.002.30 1 51 1375 770
2011Force India
13 190000 27.001.42001 1055 656
2010Force India

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Paul di RESTA has 11 retirements in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Grid Chassis Engine Tyre Lap Retirement
112017Hungary1940WilliamsFW40MercedesV6 t hPirelli60Oil leak
102013South Korea1514Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli24Runway exit
92013Singapore1714Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli54Accident
82013Italy1514Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli0Collision
72013Belgium514Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli26Collision
62013Hungary1814Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli66Hydraulics
52013Malaysia1514Force IndiaVJM06MercedesV8Pirelli22Wheel nut
42012Brazil1011Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli68Accident
32012Britain1011Force IndiaVJM05MercedesV8Pirelli2Undertray
22011Canada1115Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli67Accident
12011Turkey1315Force IndiaVJM04MercedesV8Pirelli44Wheel

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