Manfred WINKELHOCK Biography & Stats

Last Updated on August 4, 2023

Nationality:  Germany
Born the 6 october 1951 – Waiblingen (Bade-Wurtemberg) Die the 12 august 1985 – 33 years – Toronto (Canada) – Accident durant les 1000 km de Mosport sur Porsche

First Grand Prix: South Africa 1982
Last Grand Prix: Germany 1985

Best Result: 5th
Best Grid Position: 5th


Manfred WINKELHOCK Biography


Manfred WINKELHOCK Stats


Manfred WINKELHOCK has in his F1 career


Manfred WINKELHOCK has in his F1 career

Pole positions

Manfred WINKELHOCK has in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Manfred WINKELHOCK has started 47 Grands Prix in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Team N° Constructor Engine Tyre Grid Race
471985GermanySkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli22abEngine
461985BritainSkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli18abTurbo
451985FranceSkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli1912 
441985USASkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli20abTurbo
431985CanadaSkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli14abCollision
421985San MarinoSkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli23abEngine
411985PortugalSkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli15nc 
401985BrazilSkoal Bandit Formula 1 Team9RAM03HartL4 tPirelli1613 
391984PortugalMRD International2BrabhamBT53BMWL4 tMichelin1910 
381984NetherlandsTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli16abSpin
371984GermanyTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli13abGearbox
361984BritainTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli11abSpin
351984USATeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli138 
341984USA EastTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli14abEngine
331984CanadaTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli128 
321984MonacoTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli12abSpin
311984FranceTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli8abClutch
301984San MarinoTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli7abTurbo
291984BelgiumTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli6abElectrics
281984South AfricaTeam ATS14ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli12abEngine
271983South AfricaTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear8abEngine
261983EuropeTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear98 
251983ItalyTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear9abExhaust
241983NetherlandsTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear9dsqOvertook on parade lap
231983AustriaTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear13abOverheating
221983BritainTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear8abOverheating
211983CanadaTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear79 
201983USA EastTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear22abAccident
191983BelgiumTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear7abWheel lost
181983MonacoTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear16abCollision
171983San MarinoTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear711 
161983FranceTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear10abExhaust
151983USA WestTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear24abAccident
141983BrazilTeam ATS9ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear2516 
131982Las VegasTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin22nc 
121982SwitzerlandTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin20abEngine
111982AustriaTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin25abSpin
101982GermanyTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin16abClutch
91982FranceTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin1811 
81982NetherlandsTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin1812 
71982USA EastTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin5abAccident
61982MonacoTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin14abDifferential
51982BelgiumTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin12abClutch
41982San MarinoTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Avon12dsqWeight infringement
31982USA WestTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Avon25abCollision
21982BrazilTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Avon155 
11982South AfricaTeam ATS9ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Avon2010 


Manfred WINKELHOCK has 7 teammates in his F1 career
7 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
PATRESE Riccardo 11980 
SALAZAR Eliseo 161982 
BELLOF Stefan 21983 
GARTNER Jo 11983 
BERGER Gerhard 21984 
PIQUET Nelson 11984 
ALLIOT Philippe 91985 

Result by Grand Prix

n Grand Prix Involvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
3Brazil40000 2.00
10Las Vegas100000
14San Marino400000
15South Africa300000
18USA East300000
19USA West200000


Manfred WINKELHOCK has raced 5 seasons in his F1 career
Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
nc 800000000 2281 133
nc 1200000000 4121 820
nc 1400000000 5122 501
Ford Cosworth
24 130000 2.000.1500 4812 147
Ford Cosworth

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Manfred WINKELHOCK has 30 retirements in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Grid Chassis Engine Tyre Lap Retirement
301985Germany229RAM03HartL4 tPirelli8Engine
291985Britain189RAM03HartL4 tPirelli28Turbo
281985USA209RAM03HartL4 tPirelli3Turbo
271985Canada149RAM03HartL4 tPirelli5Collision
261985San Marino239RAM03HartL4 tPirelli27Engine
251984Netherlands1614ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli22Spin
241984Germany1314ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli31Gearbox
231984Britain1114ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli8Spin
221984USA East1414ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli0Engine
211984Monaco1214ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli22Spin
201984France814ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli5Clutch
191984San Marino714ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli31Turbo
181984Belgium614ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli39Electrics
171984South Africa1214ATSD7BMWL4 tPirelli53Engine
161983South Africa89ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear1Engine
151983Italy99ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear35Exhaust
141983Austria139ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear33Overheating
131983Britain89ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear49Overheating
121983USA East229ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear26Accident
111983Belgium79ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear18Wheel lost
101983Monaco169ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear3Collision
91983France109ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear36Exhaust
81983USA West249ATSD6BMWL4 tGoodyear3Accident
71982Switzerland209ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin55Engine
61982Austria259ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin15Spin
51982Germany169ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin3Clutch
41982USA East59ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin1Accident
31982Monaco149ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin31Differential
21982Belgium129ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Michelin0Clutch
11982USA West259ATSD5Ford CosworthV8Avon1Collision

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