Gunnar NILSSON Biography & Stats

Last Updated on August 4, 2023

Nationality:  Sweden
Born the 20 november 1948 – Helsingborg (Scanie) Die the 20 october 1978 – 29 years – Londres (Grande-Bretagne) – Cancer

First Grand Prix: South Africa 1976
Last Grand Prix: Japan 1977

Best Result: 1st
Best Grid Position: 3th


Gunnar NILSSON Biography


Gunnar NILSSON Stats


Gunnar NILSSON has 1 win in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Circuit Chassis Engine Tyre
11977BelgiumZolder6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear


Gunnar NILSSON has 4 podiums in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Circuit Pos Chassis Engine Tyre
41977BritainSilverstone36Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
31977BelgiumZolder16Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
21976AustriaÖsterreichring36Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear
11976SpainJarama36Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear

Pole positions

Gunnar NILSSON has in his F1 career

Grands Prix started

Gunnar NILSSON has started 31 Grands Prix in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Team N° Constructor Engine Tyre Grid Race
311977JapanJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear14abGearbox
301977CanadaJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear4abAccident
291977USA EastJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear12abCollision
281977ItalyJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear19abSuspension
271977NetherlandsJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear5abCollision
261977AustriaJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear16abEngine
251977GermanyJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear9abEngine
241977BritainJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear53 
231977FranceJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear34 
221977SwedenJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear719Wheel bearing
211977BelgiumJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear31 
201977MonacoJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear13abGearbox
191977SpainJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear125 
181977USA WestJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear168 
171977South AfricaJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1012 
161977BrazilJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear105 
151976JapanJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear166 
141976USA EastJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear20abOverheating
131976CanadaJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1512 
121976ItalyJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear1213 
111976NetherlandsJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear13abRunway exit
101976AustriaJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear43 
91976GermanyJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear165 
81976BritainJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear14abEngine
71976FranceJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear12abTransmission
61976SwedenJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear6abSpin
51976MonacoJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear16abEngine
41976BelgiumJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear22abThrottle
31976SpainJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear73 
21976USA WestJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear20abAccident
11976South AfricaJohn Player Team Lotus6Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear25abClutch


Gunnar NILSSON has 2 teammates in his F1 career
2 drivers GP First Year Last Year 
EVANS Bob 21976 
ANDRETTI Mario 2919761977

Result by Grand Prix

n Grand Prix Involvement Win Pole position Fastest lap Podium Point 
2Austria2000 1 4.00
3Belgium2 10 1 1 9.00
4Brazil10000 2.00
5Britain2000 1 4.00
7France20000 3.00
8Germany20000 2.00
10Japan20000 1.00
13South Africa200000
14Spain2000 1 6.00
16USA East200000
17USA West200000


Gunnar NILSSON has raced 2 seasons in his F1 career
Year Constructor Engine WC GP Win Pole F.lap Pod Pts Ave Laps Kms Laps Kms 
Ford Cosworth
8 16 10 1 2 20.001.25 21 90 8073 525
Ford Cosworth
10 15000 2 11.000.7300 5092 499

Retirement / DNF / Abandon

Gunnar NILSSON has 18 retirements in his F1 career
n Year Grand Prix Grid Chassis Engine Tyre Lap Retirement
181977Japan146Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear63Gearbox
171977Canada46Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17Accident
161977USA East126Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear17Collision
151977Italy196Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear4Suspension
141977Netherlands56Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear34Collision
131977Austria166Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear38Engine
121977Germany96Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear31Engine
111977Sweden76Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear64Wheel bearing
101977Monaco136Lotus78Ford CosworthV8Goodyear51Gearbox
91976USA East206Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear13Overheating
81976Netherlands136Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear10Runway exit
71976Britain146Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear67Engine
61976France126Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear8Transmission
51976Sweden66Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear2Spin
41976Monaco166Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear39Engine
31976Belgium226Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear7Throttle
21976USA West206Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear0Accident
11976South Africa256Lotus77Ford CosworthV8Goodyear18Clutch

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