Brad Pitt F1 movie : Everything We Know So far (UPDATED)

- Brad Pitt F1 movie : Everything We Know So far (UPDATED)

It’s a match made in motor heaven. Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton, two titans in their respective fields, teaming up to create a cinematic experience that promises to be the ‘greatest racing movie ever.’

Set to make its debut at the British Grand Prix, this movie is already causing a buzz in the F1 community. Here’s everything we know so far about Brad Pitt’s racing adventure and the ambitious F1 film project.

Brad Pitt F1 Movie Concept

When you hear the words ‘racing’, ‘movie’, and ‘Brad Pitt’, it’s hard not to fast-track to assumptions of high-octane action and heart-pounding drama. And this project promises to deliver just that. The movie, still nameless, revolves around a retired F1 driver, portrayed by Pitt, who comes out of retirement to mentor a younger driver. The storyline is reminiscent of the 2001 film ‘Driven’, where a similar narrative unfolds.

Update 06 July 2023 : First photos of the ApxGP car :

Here is a first look at ApxGP car that will drive Brad Pitt in the Apple F1 film :

Update :
Brad Pitt will be named Sonny Hayes in the movie
Damson Idris will be named Joshua Pearce in the movie

As we said earlier in an exclusive information, the team is called ‘ApexGP’ and is a F2 car designed by Mercedes to look like an F1 car

Brad Pitt has been training in the south of France at Circuit Paul Ricard a real F2 car close to 1000kms to be able to drive an F2 car developed by Mercedes between F1 sessions at Silverstone and other Grand prix weekend for filming.

As reported by @Julien_FEBREAU on CANAL+, Brad Pitt will be driving solo on the Silverstone track between F1 sessions.

He will not be sharing the track with other drivers, and there will be no “11th team” during the current F1 season.

Filmed scenes of Brad Pitt on the track will be combined with real footage from the 2023 F1 season, creating an authentic backdrop for his performance.

The F2 car will be modified in post production to look like a real F1 car, using the same techniques as Top Gun Mavericks.

The smallest developed yet 6K camera will be used to film from the point of view of the driver inside the cockpit during Silverstone track action.

First Photos of the set at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix

- Brad Pitt F1 movie : Everything We Know So far (UPDATED)

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

The movie’s production is resting in the capable hands of Hamilton’s newly formed production company, Dawn Apollo Films. But the F1 champ isn’t the only heavy hitter involved in this project. Apple’s studio arm has bagged the movie, with Apple CEO Tim Cook showing keen interest by making appearances at the US Grand Prix.

Directing this mammoth project is Joseph Kosinski, the creative force behind ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. Notably, Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of both ‘Top Gun’ movies and the NASCAR hit ‘Days of Thunder’, will be producing this F1 extravaganza. With such a star-studded crew and cutting-edge technology at their disposal, it’s clear that this film won’t be skimping on quality or authenticity.

Brad Pitt F1 Release Date

While the official release date of the movie is still under wraps, its production timeline offers some clues. Filming is expected to kick off in the second half of the 2023 season, mirroring the behind-the-scenes timeline of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. If this F1 film follows a similar trajectory, we can expect it to hit theaters sometime late in 2024 or early 2025.

In a ground-breaking move, Apple TV plans to first distribute the movie in theaters, securing it an exclusive 30-day run before it hits Apple TV+. This strategy, while unorthodox, could pave the way for a new trend in movie releases.

The Cast

Brad Pitt takes pole position as the main character, an F1 driver who steps out of retirement to mentor a fresh talent. Hamilton, while not planning to be an on-screen personality, has a significant role in casting decisions. After a series of intense driving auditions, Damson Idris was selected as Pitt’s co-star, best known for his lead role in the FX series ‘Snowfall’.

- Brad Pitt F1 movie : Everything We Know So far (UPDATED)

However, the cast goes beyond just recognizable faces. Hamilton is determined to ensure that diversity and representation are front and center in the film, reflecting his push for inclusion in real-life F1. As such, we can expect to see a diverse cast that truly represents the future of the sport.

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