McLaren Tempted by WEC but Not Ready to Take the Plunge

- McLaren Tempted by WEC but Not Ready to Take the Plunge
Last Updated on January 20, 2023

McLaren made its debut in Formula E last week and, in its desire to diversify its activities, is keeping an eye on endurance racing. McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said that the priority is to secure the future of each of the components of McLaren Racing before adding a string to the bow.

Brown noted that they are very busy with the portfolio they have. He added that the other championship they are still looking at and is exciting for them is the WEC. He also mentioned that they won on their debut there in 1995.

Brown said that the introduction of the budget cap in Formula 1 was decisive in allowing the Woking-based brand to diversify its motorsport involvement. The cap also exists in Formula E, which made the decision to get involved there easier after buying the Mercedes team.

Fiscal Responsibility

Brown said that the budget cap is essential in Formula One and critical in Formula E, which was something that was very attractive to them. He added that IndyCar, with its technical regulations, has very good cost control, as does Extreme E.

He stated that fiscal responsibility in the sport is critically important to make it sustainable, make it fair and give a balanced chance to win. Brown insisted that until they felt they had progressed and had a budget cap, they weren’t in a position to start an IndyCar, Extreme E or Formula E team.

Brown concluded that the WEC would be something they continue to be interested in, but they’re not ready for that yet. He said they need to make sure they continue to progress in Formula 1, they have gone to three cars full time in IndyCar, they just did their first year in Extreme E, and they are now in Formula E.

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