Wolff calls the Andretti-GM F1 partnership “a statement”

- Wolff calls the Andretti-GM F1 partnership "a statement"

Andretti Global and General Motors join forces in an attempt to enter Formula 1

Toto Wolff believes that Andretti Global and General Motors made “a statement” with the announcement they have joined forces in an attempt to enter Formula 1. While several, and probably the majority, of the incumbents are thought to be resistant to the idea of Andretti joining the grid, Wolff has been among the more vocal sceptics of what the American organisation could add to the championship.

A key sticking point for existing teams is dilutionary effect of adding another to the championship. Wolff stated midway through last year that it “hasn’t been demonstrated” that any prospective new entrant would be additive to current competitors, else they would “cheer for such an entry”.

F1 itself was hardly cheering when Andretti announced just over a week ago that it had linked with GM/Cadillac in its pursuit of a berth in championship. Although Wolff stopped short of wholeheartedly endorsing new tie-up, he did acknowledge it is positive step Michael Andretti’s ambitions by saying: “Cadillac and GM, that’s a statement. Certainly them joining forces with Andretti is definitely a positive.”

“Growth required” – James Vowles

James Vowles who is on his way from Mercedes to work as Williams’ Team Principal took similar stance regarding potential addition to F1 grid. “We’re always open sport growing,” said Vowles “but truth behind it sport financially needs become more successful”. He stressed whoever joins environment “needs bring growth required order everyone else better position or at least neutral position”.

“It just needs have good understanding how will grow sport” continued Vowles “in what way growth will be”.

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