Verstappen’s Grand Plan for a Historic 2023 Title

- Verstappen's Grand Plan for a Historic 2023 Title
Last Updated on August 5, 2023

Red Bull have been hit with financial and sporting penalties for a breach of the cost cap regulations. As a result, the team will enter the 2023 season with wind tunnel testing restrictions and CFD limitations, and have also paid $7million to the FIA.

These sanctions have raised questions over Red Bull’s ability to keep the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes behind them in the standings.

However, Max Verstappen, the back-to-back F1 world champion, is confident the team can remain competitive despite the penalties.

Verstappen’s Confidence in Red Bull

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Verstappen expressed his full confidence in the workforce at Milton Keynes, and suggested that they will use their sanctions as “extra motivation” to remain at the top of the F1 pecking order.

He stated, “I’m confident that the team, and the people we have, can use that as extra motivation to try and do even better. I know, of course, they always give their best. But we have a very competitive car, we have a lot of great ideas, I think, already for next year as well with the car, and hopefully it’s going to be enough.”

Verstappen and Sergio Perez, who will continue together as teammates for a third season in 2023, collectively won 17 races in the dominant display from Red Bull during the first year of F1’s new era of technical regulations.

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