Verstappen Clan : “Horner is not irreplaceable”

Verstappen and Horner discuting at Bahrain preseason testing 2024
Verstappen and Horner discuting at Bahrain preseason testing 2024
Last Updated on February 22, 2024

At Red Bull Racing, a cloud of uncertainty currently looms over Team Principal Christian Horner, whose future with the team is shrouded in speculation.

Reports have emerged suggesting that Horner, 50, could face serious repercussions due to allegations of sending sexually explicit messages, known colloquially as “sextos”, to a close female colleague. These allegations, if proven, could potentially derail his longstanding career in motorsport.

As Red Bull Racing braces for the possibility of a seismic shift in its management structure, the team’s prodigious talent, Max Verstappen, and his close advisors appear unfazed by the unfolding drama.

Verstappen, a three-time World Champion, is seemingly insulated from the controversy, with his camp asserting that any fallout from the Horner situation is unlikely to impede his performance on the track.

This sentiment underscores a belief in the resilience and depth of the team’s management, beyond the contributions of any single individual.

Frans Verschuur, a key figure within the Verstappen camp, pointed out, “As long as the FIA does not take action by excluding Horner, it remains an internal issue at Red Bull.” His comments hint at the broader dynamics at play within the organization, suggesting that power struggles may have intensified following the death of Red Bull’s co-founder, Dietrich Mateschitz.

Verschuur’s added “Even if Horner was suspended or removed, it would mean nothing for Max” he remarked, reinforcing the notion that Red Bull Racing’s operations are well-entrenched and capable of navigating through periods of transition without a dip in performance.

“Even if Horner were suspended or sidelined, it would mean nothing to Max,” he insists. After all, he’s not irreplaceable, and Red Bull Racing’s management doesn’t depend on him alone. The team is well established and could undergo a change without being any less successful.”

Frans Verschuur

The situation remains fluid, with Red Bull’s board in Austria yet to make a definitive decision on Horner’s fate.

The coming days will undoubtedly be filled with speculation and anticipation as the motorsport community awaits clarity on this matter.

What remains clear, however, is the unshakeable confidence within the Verstappen camp, a testament to their belief in the team’s resilience and the unyielding focus of its star driver.

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