The Impact of Fred Vasseur : “there’s another atmosphere, one that’s so much better”

Frederic Vasseur on the pit wall
Last Updated on February 20, 2024

French journalist Julien Fébreau has claimed that Fred Vasseur’s arrival at Scuderia Ferrari has had a positive effect on the team’s internal dynamic.

Fébreau spoke on the “Cool Room” podcast, stating that employees at Ferrari now feel more comfortable suggesting ways to improve the team, less afraid than with previous management.

According to Fébreau, Vasseur has set clear objectives and created a positive atmosphere, allowing employees to work towards a common goal.

This has led to a significant improvement in internal morale, with employees now knowing the direction in which the team is heading.

When I speak with people who work within Ferrari, they all tell me that they have much less fear of proposing something to improve the team.

Julien Fébreau

Ferrari has been struggling in recent years, with lackluster performances on the track and internal turmoil. However, Vasseur’s arrival seems to have turned things around, with the team now focused on returning to the top of the sport.

Fébreau praised Vasseur’s management style, saying that it was more humane and focused on performance. He also noted that there was a touch of humor in the team’s approach, which had helped to boost morale.

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Overall, it seems that Vasseur’s arrival has been a positive step for Ferrari. With a renewed focus on performance and a positive internal dynamic, the team may be able to return to its former glory.

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