Red Bull Scandal Takes Shocking Turn: Horner on the Verge of Being Fired!

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Last Updated on March 10, 2024

The ongoing scandal at Red Bull Racing appears to have taken a dramatic turn, with team boss Christian Horner potentially facing dismissal.

Despite initial support, the Thai majority shareholders are now considering following the advice of the Austrian minority, led by CEO Oliver Mintzlaff and 49% shareholder Mark Mateschitz, to suspend Horner before the Australian GP.

One reason for this shift in stance is the increasing number of boycott calls from influential women’s rights activists in the crucial US market.

Additionally, the Thai leaders fear that the employee involved in the scandal may go public and challenge the internal investigation, which may not have been as objective as initially claimed.

The industry magazine “BusinessF1” has revealed the woman’s name and position, and she is reportedly planning to fight for her rights and reputation in an English civil court. This development could force Horner to reveal the truth behind the allegations.

U2 Enters the Fray

In an unexpected turn of events, the mega-rock band U2 is considering helping the woman by releasing a song. The woman’s brother is the son-in-law of U2’s cult guitarist “The Edge.”

F1 Insider has learned that the band is contemplating a song titled “Don’t be horny, be Christian” to contribute to the public discourse surrounding the sex scandal that has dominated British tabloid headlines.

Even the previously steadfast Thai shareholders are wary of U2’s considerable influence, which far outweighs that of the Spice Girls.

Max Verstappen’s Triumph

As the scandal unfolds, Red Bull’s superstar driver Max Verstappen has emerged as a key figure. The Dutch champion has made no secret of his support for Helmut Marko, his closest confidant within the team, and his disdain for Horner’s public displays of innocence.

Verstappen even changed his return flight to join Marko, leaving Horner to fly back with his wife, Geri Halliwell.


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