Rain again and again ? What to Expect at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix: Weather Report

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Last Updated on August 24, 2023

As Formula 1 gears up for the second half of the season, all eyes are on the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. With Max Verstappen leading the drivers’ championship and Red Bull dominating the constructors’ standings, the pressure is on for a thrilling race.

However, the unpredictable Dutch weather could play a significant role in the outcome of the event.

Friday, August 25 – FP1 and FP2

  • Conditions: Mostly cloudy throughout the day with a chance of one or two light showers in the morning.
  • FP1: 19°C // FP2: 20°C
  • Maximum temperature expected: 20°C
  • Minimum temperature expected: 17°C
  • Chance of rain: 40%

Saturday, August 26 – FP3 and Qualifying

  • Conditions: Mostly cloudy to overcast in the morning with a moderate chance of light showers. Sunny spells expected in the afternoon.
  • FP3: 17°C // Q: 18°C
  • Maximum temperature expected: 19°C
  • Minimum temperature expected: 15°C
  • Chance of rain: 40%

Sunday, August 27 – Race Weather

  • Conditions: A mixture of clouds and sunny spells with a moderate chance of light showers in the morning. Gusts of wind up to 40kph possible during the race.
  • RACE: 18°C
  • Maximum temperature expected: 18°C
  • Minimum temperature expected: 14°C
  • Chance of rain: 40%

The weather forecast for the Dutch Grand Prix predicts mixed conditions throughout the weekend. Rain is expected on all three days, adding an element of unpredictability to the race. Max Verstappen, who has won from pole position at the last two races in Zandvoort, will need to navigate these challenging weather conditions to secure his third consecutive victory.

Recent Formula 1 races have been characterized by wet weather, and the Dutch Grand Prix is expected to continue this trend. Drivers will have to showcase their skills in the rain, making the race even more exciting for fans. With the possibility of rain at the start of the grand prix, we could witness a thrilling battle between Verstappen and his rivals.

The temperatures in Zandvoort will be relatively cool compared to previous seasons. Friday will see a maximum temperature of 20°C, followed by 19°C on Saturday and 18°C on Sunday. Combined with the rain showers, these conditions will provide a unique challenge for the teams and drivers.

It’s worth noting that the rain is not expected to be heavy enough to cause any session delays. Unlike the recent Spa-Francorchamps race, where start times were impacted by heavy rain, the Dutch Grand Prix should run smoothly without any major interruptions.

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