Pierre Gasly see “Positive Changes” in Alpine Despite Rocky Start and departure !

BWT Alpine F1 Team - 2024 Formula 1 Pre-Season Testing, Day 3
Last Updated on March 6, 2024

French racing driver Pierre Gasly has expressed his continued trust in the Renault Group to propel Alpine forward in Formula 1, despite the recent shake-ups within the team’s technical structure.

Gasly’s confidence in the team remains unwavering, as he stated, “I trust Renault, I trust Luca [de Meo, CEO of Renault], I trust the managers to progress the team.”

Positive Changes Amidst Challenges

The driver acknowledges the contradictory nature of his stance, given the team’s rocky start to the season. However, he insists that there are many positive changes happening within the team.

Gasly has observed a shift in the team’s operations, processes, mindset, and self-reflection. He notes that the team is delving deeper into analyses, feedback, and evaluations of their work, striving to extract the best from each member.

“In terms of operations, processes, mentality and thinking about ourselves, we’re changing. In the analyses, comments and evaluations of the work we do, I see that we’re going into more detail and trying to find the last percent in each of us, and people appreciate that process. And I’m seeing a positive change.”

Pierre Gasly at Jeddah 2024

This meticulous approach, he believes, is appreciated by the team and is fostering a positive change.

United in Adversity

Despite the disappointing start to the year, Gasly maintains that the team is united in their pursuit of solutions. He states, “The mood – we’ve all been disappointed with the start of the year. We knew it would be tough, but at least we have a starting point. We are very united. Everyone is aware of the limitations we have and everyone wants to find solutions.

The driver acknowledges that the team is navigating through a challenging phase. However, he remains optimistic about the team’s potential to overcome these hurdles, stating, “It’s not an easy time… But I trust the team, I see positive changes in the team behind the scenes.

Bob Bell Joins Aston Martin from Alpine

Bob Bell has left his position at Alpine to join Aston Martin as their new Executive Director of the technical sector. Bell was previously instrumental in Alpine’s success, contributing to Fernando Alonso’s victories in 2005 and 2006 as the technical director.

The British engineer was not deeply involved with the F1 team for the last 5 years and was relegated to other development project at Renault.

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