Lando Norris under pressure as Oscar Piastri impresses at McLaren

Lando norris in Miami GP 2023
Lando norris in Miami GP 2023 | Copyrights Mclaren official
Last Updated on May 20, 2023

McLaren driver Lando Norris has revealed that rookie teammate Oscar Piastri is putting more pressure on him than Daniel Ricciardo did during his time at the team.

The Australian, who replaced Ricciardo at the start of the 2023 championship, has already earned four points this season, just six behind Norris, despite struggling with the McLaren car.

Speaking in Miami, Norris praised his new teammate, calling him a “lovely guy,” a “hard worker” and “very fast.”

McLaren chief talks up Piastri’s skills

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has also heaped praise on Piastri, saying that he is “very mature,” “very focused” and “very technical.”

Brown said that combining Piastri’s skills with Norris’ makes the perfect driver duo, and he thinks that McLaren have a “future world champion” on their hands.

Brown also acknowledged that Piastri is still exploring the limits of the car and making some mistakes, but he has not made any major errors.

He believes that Piastri will develop into an even better driver in the coming years and is looking forward to seeing him compete more frequently.

The pressure is on for Norris

Despite Norris’ strong performances this season, Piastri is quickly catching up to him, which puts the pressure on the Briton.

The two drivers have different styles, and it remains to be seen whether Norris can keep up with Piastri’s pace.

McLaren’s CEO is confident that the team can create a faster car, and if they succeed, their drivers could become a formidable force on the F1 circuit.

However, until that happens, Norris will continue to feel the heat from his rookie teammate.

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