Kyalami and Spa Go Head-to-Head for a Spot on the 2024 F1 Calendar

- Kyalami and Spa Go Head-to-Head for a Spot on the 2024 F1 Calendar
Last Updated on August 5, 2023

Organisers of the Kyalami circuit have been fighting for a slot on the F1 calendar for several years, with 2024 being the next opportunity for South Africa to make a return to Formula 1. With the recent extension of the Austrian GP’s contract, only one race on the 2023 schedule – Belgium’s Spa Francorchamps – is without a deal to continue in F1.

The future of China’s participation remains unclear, although a return to Shanghai in 2024 seems relatively likely.

Therefore, under the Concorde agreement limiting the calendar to 24 races per season, there is only one slot available.

The Belgian GP is still searching for a new agreement with F1, although organisers have expressed their confidence in recent weeks about their chances of a multi-year extension.

However, this renewed optimism has been put into question by the sustained negotiations between Kyalami and F1, with South Africa still contending for a calendar slot.

Spa’s position in Formula 1 has been precarious for several years now, as evidenced by the last-minute nature of the 1-year deal that was agreed last year to keep its prospects alive.

Stefano Domenicali, F1 CEO, has spoken extensively about alternative bidders vying for a place on the calendar, so there is no guarantee Spa will earn a new deal.

Some would assume that history, legacy, and popularity among fans would be enough to tip the balance in the Belgian GP’s favour – but Domenicali has already downplayed the importance of legacy circuits.

Therefore, the intensifying reports of Kyalami’s continued talks with F1 represent a genuine threat to one of the most historic circuits in the sport.

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit from the air
Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

South Africa has been close to joining the calendar on multiple occasions, with Jody Scheckter explaining earlier this year that “greed” prevented the F1 circus from returning to Kyalami.

Despite significant resources being expended on failed attempts, there is plenty of sponsorship interest and governmental support for the South African track.

This has proven an obstacle for other potential hosts, such as Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur circuit, so Kyalami can be assured that finances are unlikely to be a limiting factor.

Belgium’s place on the 2023 calendar was largely saved by the breakdown of talks between Kyalami and F1 last year, so it remains to be seen if lightning can strike twice for Spa. It should be noted that Spa is in a stronger position than it was in last year, with heavy investment being expended into improving the circuit and its facilities.

However, given how the complexion of the calendar has evolved in recent years, there is no telling whether South Africa or Belgium will get the edge to host an F1 Grand Prix.

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Formula 1 has seen a plethora of changes ever since Liberty Media took over the sport in 2017. Stefano Domenicali, now well-known as a proactive individual, continuously looks to explore options to make the sport more interesting.

In his pursuit of doing so, Domenicali has made several controversial decisions that have not been received well by the drivers, the teams, or the public.

One of Domenicali’s recent statements suggests that some of F1’s longstanding venues cannot remain in the sport solely because of their history.

This remark seems to imply that iconic F1 venues like Spa may lose their place in the calendar from next season onwards. According to, F1 has already begun planning for the 2024 calendar, and one of the key plans is for F1 to return to Africa. Kyalami, the iconic South African circuit that last hosted an F1 race in 1993, is one potential venue.

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