Jos Verstappen is reportedly in a Love Affairs with Horner’s accuser HornerGate

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Last Updated on March 6, 2024

In the ongoing saga of the Horner affair, a fresh bombshell has been dropped by journalist @carlosmiquelf1.

The latest development revolves around Jos Verstappen, who is rumored to be romantically involved with Horner’s former secretary. The secretary in question is alleged to have received inappropriate messages from Horner.

Rumors and Allegations

The rumor mill, affectionately known as ‘radio paddock’, is abuzz with these new revelations.

The whispers suggest that Verstappen is entangled in a romantic relationship with the former secretary of Horner.

This is not the end of the story, as further allegations suggest that Horner had sent inappropriate messages to this very individual.

Leaks coming from Jos Verstappen himself ?

Adding another layer to this complex narrative, there are other rumors circulating that point the finger at Jos Verstappen himself.

These rumors suggest that Jos Verstappen is the one who initiated the leak of this information to De Telegraaf, a Dutch media outlet, and to journalist Van Haren.

As the Horner affair continues to unfold, it is clear that the situation is far from straightforward.

With each new development, the web of intrigue becomes more tangled. And Red Bull images is tarnished for the immediate future, even if Horner leave

Sources: @carlosmiquelf1, @marca, De Telegraaf

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