Hamilton “Everything turned upside down” when Ferrari offer came.

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Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Lewis Hamilton, the renowned Formula One driver, has confirmed his exit from Mercedes. However, he assures that his love for the team remains unchanged.

Hamilton expressed his gratitude towards the team for their understanding and support during his tenure. As he embarks on a new journey, he promises to deliver his best for Mercedes until his last day with them.

Hamilton admits that the upcoming season will be an emotional rollercoaster, with each week marking a last for him at Mercedes.

An ‘Interesting’ Winter for Hamilton

Hamilton described his winter as ‘interesting’, a period that saw his world turn upside down. The unexpected offer from Ferrari in January was a game-changer.

Hamilton is also in the process of rebuilding his team, expressing confidence that Mercedes will continue to win, a feat he will take pride in. However, the seven-time world champion is eagerly looking forward to the new challenge that awaits him.

The Race to Win

Hamilton has made it clear that his goal for this year is to outpace Ferrari. However, the prospect of beating Red Bull this season seems bleak, according to Alonso.

Sainz predicts that Verstappen will bag most of the trophies this year. Albon, on the other hand, believes that Red Bull is a few steps ahead of where they were last season.

Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari

Hamilton feels fortunate to have been able to express himself freely at Mercedes, a privilege he expects to enjoy at Ferrari as well. He believes that his years of experience and numerous contract negotiations have earned him more freedom.

Hamilton is currently focused on delivering for Mercedes this year and is determined not to let his upcoming move distract him. Next year, he will have to adapt to a new environment, new relationships, and even a new language.

Hamilton and Sainz – A Professional Relationship

Despite the recent developments, both Hamilton and Sainz maintain that there are no hard feelings between them. Sainz understands that such changes are part of the sport and would have made the same decision if he were in Hamilton’s shoes.

Hamilton echoes Sainz’s sentiments, expressing his respect for the latter’s growth and strong presence within the driver lineup. He emphasizes that the move is not personal but a common occurrence in the racing world.

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