Gerhard Berger : “Verstappen is going to Mercedes, Newey and Marco are leaving”

Gerhard Berger and Max Verstappen
Last Updated on March 4, 2024

Gerhard Berger, former F1 driver and current DTM boss, has shared his perspective on the ongoing situation at Red Bull. His insights, though hypothetical, provide a fascinating viewpoint on the potential future of the team.

Berger’s stance on the matter is quite clear. “As things stand now: Horner is staying, Helmut Marko and Adrian Newey are leaving and Max is going to Mercedes,” he stated. This bold prediction, shared on @f1insidercom, has sparked a flurry of discussions among F1 enthusiasts.

A Closer Look at Berger’s Prediction

Let’s dissect Berger’s statement. Firstly, he suggests that Christian Horner, the current Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, will remain in his position. This is not surprising, given Horner’s successful tenure and his deep roots within the team amid the scandal of sexual misconduct.

However, Berger’s prediction takes a dramatic turn when he suggests that both Helmut Marko, the head of Red Bull’s driver development program, and Adrian Newey, the team’s chief technical officer, are set to depart. This would indeed be a significant blow to Red Bull, as both Marko and Newey have been instrumental in the team’s success over the years.

Max Verstappen’s Potential Move to Mercedes

Perhaps the most startling part of Berger’s prediction is his suggestion that Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s current star driver, will make a move to Mercedes. Verstappen, known for his aggressive driving style and impressive race craft, has been a cornerstone of Red Bull’s recent success. His potential departure would undoubtedly shake the foundations of the team.

The prediction is not that far fetched considering that Ford 2026 Engines could be an issue, and that Mercedes can give to Max the promise that the Mercedes engine will be strong, the same promise they made to Lewis Hamilton 10 years ago !

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