Gasly’s decision to quit AlphaTauri F1 required him to “set feelings aside.”

- Gasly's decision to quit AlphaTauri F1 required him to "set feelings aside."
Last Updated on September 1, 2023

Pierre Gasly Prepares to Make Big Change Leaving AlphaTauri

Fernando Alonso’s Exit Opens Up Possibilities for Gasly at Alpine

Following Fernando Alonso’s departure from the team and their failed attempt to secure Oscar Piastri, Pierre Gasly was signed by Alpine. The Frenchman had spent his entire F1 career with AlphaTauri and its predecessor, Toro Rosso, with the exception of a 12-race stint for Red Bull in early 2019.

Gasly made history with AlphaTauri in 2020 when he led them to their second victory ever at Monza. This was followed up by helping them secure their biggest points haul ever in 2021. Although leaving these people who had become like family to him was difficult, he knew that it was necessary if he wanted to reach his goals as an F1 driver.

“Looking at a career you have to be quite pragmatic,” said Gasly “I know where I want to go and what I want ot achieve in Formula 1…you’ve got to put emotions aside and just look at it in a very pragmatic way: what are the best chances for mee tto reach my target?”

Gasly Gets First Taste of New Teammate During Abu Dhabi Test

At the end of season test in Abu Dhabi, Pierre Gasly got his first taste of driving an Alpine car. After completing his running he immediately noticed why they had finished fourth in the constructors’ championship’ that year. It comes after a tough season for AlphaTuri which saw them slump down into ninth place on the standings.

The move also came with some emotional weight attached too as Gasly prepared leave behind all those who had become part of his family during his time there. He admitted that although this did not affect him decision making process it still weighed on him heavily. “For me they have been all my family my entire time here,” said Gasly “It’s going be a big change, and big change for them as well”

Although difficult emotionally, leaving Alphatauri will give Pierre Gaslcy new opportunities which will hopefully help him reach hsi goal within Formula 1 racing.

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