Ferrari’s Secret Shoot: Leclerc and Sainz at Fiorano

- Ferrari's Secret Shoot: Leclerc and Sainz at Fiorano
Last Updated on September 1, 2023

Pre-season testing is quickly approaching and that means that Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and other drivers have already gone back to work in the factories to prepare for the 2023 season. Charles Leclerc recently concluded his winter physical preparation in the Dolomites in the company of Andrea Ferrari and Antonio Fuoco. Leclerc stated that “it’s the only time of the year when we have some time to do such intense training.” Carlos Sainz had a chance to meet with MotoGP champion Marc Marquez, doing some physical preparation together, before going to the mountains for some intense training.

Ferrari Schedules Three-Day Test With SF-21

As anticipated by Roberto Chinchero, Ferrari has scheduled a three-day test where Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Robert Shwartzmann and Antonio Giovinazzi will be able to stretch their bones with the Prancing Horse’s old single-seater. The test will take place at Fiorano, the track owned by the Italian Scuderia and thanks to the rules, as many hours and days of testing as desired can be freely organized. This test will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (January 24, 25 and 26) and the SF21, the car that raced the 2020-2021 world championship, will be used.

The three-day test is not meant to help the drivers in a technical or experience level ahead of the 2023 season, but more to get back into the rhythm of the various procedures with the steering wheel, the Power Unit and the people with whom they will be at l. The organization plans a full day of testing for the two official drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, while Robert Shwartzmann and Antonio Giovinazzi will split the day’s work.

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