Ferrari to test “Very Different” 2024 Car Parts on track in 2023 after Monza to Gather Data

a ferrari f1 race car is parked in front of a crowd

The Ferrari SF-23 has been making headlines in the motorsport world, and for good reason.

The team has been working hard to make improvements to the car, with a focus on the upcoming races. According to sources, there will be some notable changes to the SF-23 in the near future, including the addition of new parts and components.

What to Expect from the SF-23

As we approach the upcoming races, Ferrari is expected to make some significant changes to the SF-23.

This includes the addition of new parts and components that will help to improve the car’s performance on the track. According to sources, we can expect to see some of these changes implemented as early as the Monza race.

However, the team is also looking beyond the immediate future and is already working on the 2024 version of the SF-23. While the car is still in the development phase, sources suggest that there will be some major differences between the 2024 version and the current SF-23.

The team is eager to gather more data on the track to ensure that the 2024 car is performing at its best, and will test 2024 parts on track in 2023 after the Monza race.

Overall, it’s clear that Ferrari is committed to improving the SF-23 and is willing to make the necessary changes to ensure that the car is competitive on the track.

With the upcoming races and the development of the 2024 version, it will be interesting to see how the SF-23 performs in the coming months.

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The Importance of Data

One of the key factors in the development of the SF-23 is the use of data. According to sources, the team is relying heavily on data to guide their decisions and make improvements to the car. This includes data collected during testing as well as data gathered during races.

By analyzing this data, the team is able to identify areas where the car can be improved and make necessary adjustments.

This data-driven approach is essential in the world of motorsport, where even the slightest improvement can make a significant difference on the track.

Overall, it’s clear that the use of data will continue to play a critical role in the development of the SF-23. As the team continues to make improvements and work towards the 2024 version of the car, we can expect to see even more emphasis placed on data-driven decision making.

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