Can Alonso Win the Spanish GP ? Alonso : “Fans Give Me Something Special”

- Can Alonso Win the Spanish GP ? Alonso : "Fans Give Me Something Special"
Last Updated on August 5, 2023

It’s been a long time since Fernando Alonso tasted victory in Formula 1, with his last win dating back to May 12th, 2013. Despite the passage of time, the Spaniard has maintained his competitive edge and is currently enjoying a strong run of results in his first season as an Aston Martin driver. With five podium finishes already under his belt, including a second-place finish in Monaco, many are wondering when Alonso will finally return to the top step of the podium.

For those hoping for a fairy tale ending, a win at the Spanish GP would be the perfect scenario. However, Alonso is keeping expectations in check, stating, “I don’t think realistically we can fight for the victory, let’s be clear.

Red Bull have been very dominant all season long and I don’t see any reason why, in Barcelona, they should not aim for a one-two. But let’s see what we can do.” Despite the odds, Alonso’s hunger for success remains undiminished, as evidenced by his recent comment to his race engineer that he was driving “like an animal” in pursuit of Max Verstappen‘s Red Bull in Monaco.

Alonso’s Impressive Qualifying Performances

Alonso has also been turning heads with his qualifying performances, having started in second place at the last two races. While it has been some time since his last F1 victory, his experience in other racing categories has kept him sharp and competitive at the front of the grid.

“Going into [any] race, I was fighting for whatever position with the mentality of getting that, the maximum from the cars. Sometimes it’s P7, sometimes it’s a podium possibility. I know that in Formula 1 it has been a few years already, since Ferrari times, but in endurance I was going into every race winning the race and the world championship so it’s not that long ago,” Alonso explained.

With the support of the home crowd, Alonso believes the fans give him “a special energy” when racing in Spain. However, he is well aware of the challenges ahead, as Mercedes and Ferrari are set to bring upgrades to their cars in Barcelona.

To stay ahead of the competition and potentially capitalize on any opportunities for victory, Alonso will need to be at his best.

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Personal Experience with Alonso’s Determination

I remember attending a race a few years ago where Alonso was competing. Despite not having the fastest car on the grid, his determination and skill were evident as he fought tooth and nail for every position as always.

It was inspiring to see a driver with such a never-give-up attitude, pushing his car to the limit and extracting every ounce of performance from it.

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