Andretti-Cadillac waits for the Secret FIA Ruling in September

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The FIA is set to make a crucial decision in September regarding the Expression of Interest process to join the F1 grid. One of the prospective bidders who responded to the FIA’s invitation was Andretti Global, which is backed by General Motors and Cadillac. The announcement of the bid was welcomed by the FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem, but the reception from F1 and incumbent teams was not as positive.

The hopeful outfit has done everything it has asked to do, and the decision is now in the hands of the FIA and F1. Mario Andretti exclusively told RacingNews365 that the team is just waiting for the decision, which is expected in early September. If the application is successful, Andretti-Cadillac will join the grid in 2025.

Waiting situation

Andretti said that the team is just going along with the process and trying to fill in all the boxes. They have done everything they can and are now waiting for the decision, which is expected in early September. Andretti believes that 2025 is the most feasible year to join the grid.

Marko’s comments and driver identity

Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko suggested that the best option open to Andretti would be to buy the Alpine team from Renault. Andretti responded by saying they were open to any opportunity, but a lot of it has been exhausted already. As for the driver lineup, Andretti hinted that there will be one American driver on the team, and the other will be an experienced one. However, he did not reveal the identity of the drivers as it is part of the project and will be announced officially after the decision is made.

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