Why Are F1 Tires Shiny?

- Why Are F1 Tires Shiny?
2011 Japanese Grand Prix – Thursday Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Japan. 6th October 2011. Red Bull Racing mechanic works on some Pirelli tyres. Photo: Steven Tee/LAT Photographic ref: Digital Image _A8C5233
Last Updated on February 28, 2023

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The shiny surface of Formula 1 tires is a result of the molds used in the production process by Pirelli. The tires come out gleaming because the molds have been treated with chromium. Unfortunately, this sheen immediately fades away as the automobile moves along the pit lane.

Pirelli’s new shiny Formula 1 tire surface has sparked curiosity and astonishment. So why do the tires have such a distinctive appearance? The technique used to make tires holds the key to the problem.

For the manufacture of its Formula 1 tires, Pirelli has switched to a new chrome-lined molding technique. This enhances the overall performance of the tires and makes the surface of the softest tires more resilient. Many Formula 1 fans have been drawn to the glossy surface of the tyres, which is also a product of the chrome molding process.

The manager of Pirelli’s racing division, Mario Isola, stated in a statement: “We are utilizing new molds that have been treated with chromium.” Isola said that when the brand-new tires are utilized for the first time on the track, the gleaming surface does not imply that there is any less grip.

Set of shiny hard F1 tyres on a rack
Set of shiny hard F1 tyres on a rack

For the 2019 season, Pirelli has made a number of changes in addition to the chrome-lined molds. This year, Pirelli only offers one intermediate and one wet tire as opposed to two choices like in 2018. The intermediate tire now has a new compound, and wet tires have improved structure and compound that are better equipped to withstand aquaplaning in more severe conditions.

Moreover, higher operating ranges have been included to lessen the risk of overheating.

One of several modifications Pirelli has made for the 2019 season is the glossy surface of the tires. The modifications are intended to increase the tires’ longevity and performance. As the Formula 1 season advances, the surface will become more smooth and bright and attract attention.


A novel chrome-lined molding technique gave the Pirelli tires used in Formula 1 racing their lustrous appearance. This procedure enhances the overall performance of the tires and ensures that the softest tires have a surface that is more durable.

Several Formula 1 spectators have taken notice of the distinctive shining surface produced by the chrome molds. For the 2019 season, Pirelli has made a number of significant alterations to the tires in addition to the chrome molds.

The result is a smooth, gleaming surface that will undoubtedly draw attention as the Formula 1 season unfolds. These modifications are intended to increase the performance and durability of the tires.

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