What earplugs do F1 drivers use ?

- What earplugs do F1 drivers use ?

In the world of Formula 1, drivers are exposed to some of the loudest noise levels ever encountered in a racing environment. To protect their hearing, F1 drivers have to use custom-made ear plugs specifically designed for the purpose. The most suitable ear plugs for long F1 races are the Formula 1® Earplugs or Formula 1® Earmuffs. Not only do these ear plugs provide excellent noise reduction, but they also allow drivers to still hear important track sounds.

In addition to F1 drivers, ear plugs are also worn by many other motorsport professionals, here are some brands between 250$ to 300$ that drivers use :

  • Autotell RR500
  • ACS
  • Delphi
  • hearingelectronics.com

For example, Kimi Räikkönen, the current Formula 1 world champion, is known to wear ear plugs to protect his hearing. Similarly, the Renault Formula 1 team uses ear plugs to protect the drivers and team members from the loud engine noise.

Ear plugs are not only used in F1 races but also in other forms of motorsport, such as bike racing. Due to the loud engine noise generated by a racing bike, riders are often required to wear ear plugs in order to protect their hearing. Furthermore, ear plugs are also used to reduce the noise generated by the air around the track.

For fans of F1, ear plugs are also a must-have. Although the atmosphere of a Formula 1 race can be thrilling, the noise levels can be dangerous to the human ear. For instance, in order to enjoy the race safely, fans would have to wear Eartech F1 earplugs.

In conclusion, ear plugs are an essential piece of safety equipment in Formula 1. Whether it’s for drivers, teams, or fans, ear plugs are necessary to protect hearing and reduce noise levels. F1 drivers usually use custom-made ear plugs such as the Formula 1® Earplugs or Formula 1® Earmuffs. For fans, Eartech F1 earplugs are the most suitable ear plugs to enjoy the race at safe noise levels.

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