2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide – Tips and best Granstands

- 2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide - Tips and best Granstands
NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND – JULY 16: Max Verstappen of the Netherlands driving the (33) Red Bull Racing RB16B Honda during practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone on July 16, 2021 in Northampton, England. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images) // Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202107160288 // Usage for editorial use only //
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The British Grand Prix is one of the most recognizable race of Formula 1, and Silverstone is the ideal location for this grand event. With its long race history and thrilling races and thrilling racing, the British Grand Prix is a must-see for all motorsport enthusiasts. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to learn about this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

British Grand Prix Spectator Tips

  • Listen on 87.7FM to hear Silverstone radio commentary as well as listen to the commentary provided by The BBC 5Live Team on medium wave 693 or digital.
  • Admission to general admission at Silverstone Free for kids who have an adult in their presence.
  • If you’re driving around, hang in for the post-race concert, and skip the typical Silverstone traffic snarls.
  • If you’re a general admission guest take a chair that folds. You can choose to do time on the track while sitting however you’ll get the most out that you have it when you’re not.

The British Grand Prix is known for its raucous crowd and thrilling racing . With the long straights and broad curves, Silverstone is the perfect venue to see Formula 1 cars in all their splendor. The track has experienced numerous design changes throughout the years, yet it has retained its distinctive style and is still delivering exciting races.

One of the most memorable aspects in this year’s British Grand Prix is the atmosphere at Silverstone. The festival-like atmosphere makes an impression on the fans and the post-race show is a great way to spend the evening. No matter if you’re a big fan of Mansell Mania Lewis Hamilton‘s crowd surfing, and the home track of McLaren, Williams, and Aston Martin, Silverstone offers an event for everyone.

British F1 Grand Prix Weather & Climate

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable and can feel like all four seasons all rolled into one day. It is crucial to know the forecast prior to going to the British Grand Prix, but it is also important to take the information you receive with an equal amount of salt and be ready for any eventuality.

Grandstand & Tickets

The options for tickets are there that will suit every budget at the British Grand Prix. The general admission ticket is available for children who are accompanied by an adult, which makes it a great family event. Tickets for grandstands are offered at a variety of prices and provide the option of a reserved seating area and the ability to travel around the track. The enclosures are a blend of hospitality and grandstand and offer additional benefits, including access to secured areas for food and beverages along with parking, improved restroom facilities and, in certain instances access to the inside track.

General Admission at Silverstone

- 2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide - Tips and best Granstands

Silverstone is an excellent place for general admission fans and has plenty of viewing spots and free admission for children younger than 10 years old. Tickets for general admission are available for purchase on single days or as three-day passes. It is also possible for an upgrade General Admission Plus, which gives you a reserved spot on Sundays at some of the view terraces located in top areas. All General Admission Plus ticket holders also can try one of other general Admission Plus areas on Friday and Saturday.

It is important to note that it’s no more feasible for people who have a general admission ticket to gain access to grandstands on Fridays and Saturdays. There is however an Roving Grandstand ticket available for Friday and Saturday. This ticket permits holders to access grandstands and also gain access to the general admission areas.

Tickets to Grand Prix tickets for the British Grand Prix can be bought from official ticket sellers like P1 Travel, Motorsport Tickets and Gootickets. It is recommended to purchase tickets ahead to ensure the best seats and to avoid disappointment.

Best Grandstands at Silverstone

If you’re searching for the most stunning views of Silverstone There are a number of grandstands that provide fantastic vantage locations. Here are a few of the most popular grandstands worth considering:

Club Corner Grandstand

- 2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide - Tips and best Granstands

This grandstand has the perfect balance from the straight as well as the final sequence of corners. You’ll be right in the middle of the race in the pits and will be able to enjoy watching the pit stops and watching the winners make their way their place on the podium.

Stowe A as well as Stowe B grandstands

- 2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide - Tips and best Granstands

The grandstands offer excellent views of the fast and broad Stowe corner and an unobstructed view of the next Vale as well as Club corners. You’ll be able to witness the speed and force as well as the downforce of F1 cars while they maneuver this tricky segment of the track.

Woodcote A Grandstand

Fans at the Woodcote Grandstand enjoy a vast multi-corner view. From this point, you can observe the cars emerge from into the Wellington Straight, negotiate the long stretched-out Luffield corner, then accelerate to the National Pits Straight.

Village A Grandstand

- 2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide - Tips and best Granstands

Village A provides glimpses of the initial tight turn immediately after the start as well as The Loop that precedes the Wellington Straight. It’s an amazing viewpoint for the opening lap, as 20 F1 cars pound the brakes and make it through without any incident.

Silverstone Track Invasion

Silverstone’s track invasions are as famous as Monza’s. Who can not remember Mansell getting surrounded by a huge large crowd back in 1992? Perhaps Lewis Hamilton becoming the first crowd-surfing F1 driver in 2016. The race’s invasion of the track at Silverstone lets fans celebrate with drivers on the podium following the race. To be on the podium and to be part on the race, go to the gate near Club corner on the closing laps of the race. prepare to race like Kimi Raikkonen, who is chasing an ice-cream van.

Where to Stay for the 2023 British Grand Prix

If you’re preparing to attend in 2023 for the British Grand Prix, you’ll require accommodations close to Silverstone. There’s plenty of options to fit every budget and preference. It doesn’t matter if you prefer an accommodation in a hotel, bed and breakfast or camping, there are options that will satisfy every racer.

British Grand Prix Camping

If you’re seeking a more intense experience camping, Silverstone is a very popular choice. There are numerous campsites near the race track, allowing you to completely immerse in the racing weekend vibe. From basic camping spots to luxurious camping alternatives, there’s something to suit all. Camping provides the benefit of being near to the action, eliminating the necessity of transporting for the ride and back every day.

British Grand Prix nearest cities

In the event that camping doesn’t fit your thing staying in one of the cities closest to Silverstone is an excellent alternative. Northampton as well as Milton Keynes are both within just a few minutes of the circuit and provide various options for lodging. From budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts, you’ll be able to find options to fit your tastes and budget. Furthermore, staying in a city will allow you to explore the surrounding area and make use of the attractions and amenities that are available.

Stay in Northampton

If you decide to stay in Northampton and you’ll enjoy the benefit of being near the circuit and all the amenities of the city. Northampton has a variety of accommodations, from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts. In addition, the city is home to a lively nightlife scene with many restaurants and bars to go to after an afternoon at the races.

Stay in London

If you’d prefer to live in a city that is larger, London is within easy access to Silverstone. While it’s away from the race, London offers a wide selection of accommodations and activities to discover. From luxurious hotels to budget-friendly hotels, it has something to suit everyone’s budget. Additionally, London has a vibrant nightlife scene, world-class eateries and landmarks that you must explore while you’re there.

What to eat and drink in the vicinity of Silverstone

In terms of dining options close to Silverstone there’s plenty with options. The options range from classic British bars to restaurants serving international food options, there’s something that will satisfy every taste. Many of the towns and villages around the circuit have a wide range of dining options that allow you to try local dishes and have a meal following racing. There are also numerous bars and pubs to unwind and relax with other race-goers.

How to get to Silverstone by Public Transport

If you’re in the vicinity of a city centre in the UK and you’re in the UK, getting a train or bus to Silverstone is typically the best option to travel there. The most affordable or comfortable option to travel to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix by public transportation will be determined by the city you’re traveling from, but it’s likely to be a direct coach to the track or an amalgamation of shuttle buses and trains.

Bus / Coach

Megabus offers coach transport from various pick-up locations throughout England in addition to Wales. All of these are express services that take direct passengers to Silverstone. The buses drop passengers off at the car park 22 just a few steps from the entrance to the circuit. Buses are also available on Friday and Saturdays However, there are fewer routes these days.

From the Banbury station, there’s an Megabus shuttle service that takes passengers to Silverstone on Saturday, Friday and Sunday. At Northampton as well as Milton Keynes train stations, there is also the Megabus service. Tickets for these buses can be bought on the day of the trip.


If you’re within a short distance to a train station, taking a train ride to Silverstone is a good alternative. Wolverton station has the nearest train station to Silverstone however there aren’t a lot of shuttle buses that go to Silverstone from there. Instead, take the train towards Banbury, Milton Keynes Central or Northampton each in the vicinity of 30km to Silverstone. From there, you can continue your journey with a taxi or take an express bus for the race.

For getting to Silverstone from London The quickest way to get there will be via Euston Station to Milton Keynes Central. From Birmingham the best choices is Birmingham New Street to Milton Keynes or Banbury. It’s all dependent on which service you choose to book in terms of the time it takes however, in some cases the alternative route might be more efficient.


If you’re taking your train from Milton Keynes, Northampton, or Banbury and Banbury, you can hire taxis for all the way. Taxis won’t be able reach the track during race weekends, so be sure you buy the Park and Ride ticket to everyone within your party. This will let you get picked up by taxi at a location close to on the M1 or M40 and then take in the shuttle buses to reach the race track. Tickets for return travel are available on this shuttle bus.

Driving Directions to Silverstone

The drive to Silverstone is particularly suitable for fans who choose to stay in the immediate vicinity that the race. Even if you don’t plan to stay overnight at Silverstone it is easier and quicker to drive there rather than taking the train or bus in a town center. At the M1 (London) take leave at junction 15A, and continue on the A43 until Oxford. To get to the M40 (Birmingham) take exit on junction 10 to then follow the A43 toward Northampton. Both routes will be marked with brown signs directing you to the parking areas of the circuit.

Parking at Silverstone

- 2023 British Grand Prix Travel Guide - Tips and best Granstands

There are designated car parks at the circuit. They are more than a 20-minute stroll to the gate. Tickets for individual use are available to purchase on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the 3-day pass. It is necessary to reserve the tickets in advance, because it’s impossible to purchase parking tickets on the day of the event. It is also possible to use the park-and-ride option that lets you park off-site and then take in the shuttle buses to go around the track. Return tickets are also available for this shuttle service. If you’re going to be taken to be picked up and dropped off the most convenient place to go is on the High Street in Silverstone village approximately a 15-minute walk from the circuit gates.

British GP Schedule 2023: Formula 1

Free Practice 1 July 7, 2023 * 7:30 AM ET Free Practice 2 July 7, 2023 * 11:00 AM ET Free Practice 3 July 8, 2023 * 6:30 AM ET Qualifying July 8, 2023 * 10:00 AM ET Grand Prix July 9, 2023 * 10:00 AM ET

Pit Stop Practice

One of the most memorable aspects in this British Grand Prix weekend is the pit practice stop. It is where teams refine their pit stop tactics and practice quick tire adjustments. It’s an amazing chance to witness the precision and teamwork required for an efficient pit stop.

Pitlane Walk

Prior to starting the race, which is on Sunday there’s a pitlane walk where the fans can get close to teams and their drivers. It’s an opportunity to look at the vehicles and other equipment up close, and perhaps have a photo taken with one or two. A pitlane stroll is an unforgettable experience that provides fans with an insider’s view of the workings of an Formula 1 team.

Track Parade

The most recognizable moments at the British Grand Prix is the track parade, in which the drivers race around the track to wave at the crowd and take into the excitement. This is a chance for fans to meet their favourite drivers close-up and experience the excitement that’s to be to.

Silverstone F1 Concert

Following Saturday’s race there’s a post-race party at Silverstone. This is a chance to relax and relax after a hectic day of racing, and to enjoy live music. The show features well-known artists and provides a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow supporters and to celebrate this year’s British Grand Prix in style.

Silverstone Gate Opening & Closing Times

Gates at Silverstone are opened at a very early hour in the day, giving fans ample time to settle and discover the track before the action starts. The timings for opening and closing may vary, which is why it is important to verify on the calendar for the date you’re hoping to go to. It’s an excellent way to ensure a spot in the best location and maximize your time during the British Grand Prix. Overall, the program for 2023’s British Grand Prix promises to be an exciting weekend of entertainment and racing. If you’re a fervent fan or just a casual observer there’s something to suit all at Silverstone. Mark your calendars now and prepare yourself to enjoy a memorable weekend of Formula 1 action.

What will a trip for the 2023 British Grand Prix cost?

The 2023 British Grand Prix is an amazing experience, however it’s crucial to prepare your budget to accommodate your budget. Here’s a rundown of the likely costs you’ll face during your visit:


If you’re looking to cut costs low there are many methods you can save cash while having fun during the race weekend. Here are some estimates of expenses for a low-cost excursion for British Grand Prix: British Grand Prix: – General Admission tickets for three days PS229 Accommodation (budget hotels or hostels) between PS50 and PS100 per night Food and drinks (eating at a restaurant or eating in self-catering) for a day: PS20-PS40 Transportation (public transportation or rental of a car) (PS30-PS50 daily) Other expenses and souvenirs The estimated total cost for a trip on a budget 500-800 dollars


If you’re willing an extra bit for convenience and comfort Here’s a rough estimate of what you’ll pay for a mid-range visit towards Grand Prix of Britain. British Grand Prix: – 3 days Grandstand ticket: PS319 – PS689 accommodation (mid-range hotels or Airbnb) between PS100 and PS200 per night. Food and drinks (eating in restaurants) Cost: PS40-PS60 a each day. Transportation (rental vehicle or private transfer) (PS50-PS100 per day) For souvenirs and other expenses estimated total cost: PS100-PS200 for a mid-range travel experience (PS1,000-PS1,500)


For those who want an extravagant and memorable experience during the British Grand Prix, here’s an estimate of what you can expect to pay for a luxury trip: – 3 day Hospitality ticket: PS1,250-PS3,950 Hotel accommodation (luxury accommodation or a private residence) (PS300-PS500 per night) Exclusive dining experiences and fine dining daily: PS100-PS200 Transportation for VIP guests (private driver or helicopter) (PS500-PS1,000 per day) Other expenses such as souvenirs and other items The estimated total cost for a trip with a premium price PS5,000-PS10,000 Note this estimate is only rough approximates and could vary based on your individual preferences and needs. It’s always wise to look up and look at costs for accommodation, tickets and other costs to get the best price.

Travel Basics – 2023 British Grand Prix

UK Travel: Need to Know

Before you begin your journey for the British Grand Prix, there are some travel tips that you must be aware of What is the language of the UK? English is the most widely spoken language used throughout the UK. Currency: The currency throughout the UK is the British Pound Sterling (PS). The Time Zone: The UK operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during normal time as well as British Summer Time (BST) during daylight saving time. Electricity: The typical voltage for the UK is 230V. the power sockets and plugs are type G. Weather Weather in the UK is unpredictable It’s an excellent idea to verify the forecast prior to departure to be well-prepared for different circumstances.

Staying Safe

If you are traveling to any place it is important to consider your security. Here are some safety tips to consider: – Pay attention to your surroundings and be alert, particularly in busy areas. Be sure to keep your personal items safe and be aware of thieves. Be sure to follow any safety guidelines or directions provided by the event’s organizers, or by local officials. Be familiar with emergency numbers as well as the location of nearest medical facilities. Be aware of any travel warnings or travel advisories regarding the area you’re traveling to.


If you are looking to manage your finances during your travels Here are a few tips to remember to inform your credit or bank provider of your plans to travel to avoid issues making use of cards while abroad. Keep a mixture of cash and credit cards to help in emergencies and convenience. Utilize ATMs and exchange money in reputable establishments to get the most competitive exchange rates. Be aware of your expenditures and establish an amount of money to limit spending. Be aware when using ATMs and card transactions to avoid fraud. With these basic travel tips in mind, you will be able to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe time at the British Grand Prix.

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