2 New Teams in F1 : Fia Give the Green Light

- 2 New Teams in F1 : Fia Give the Green Light
BEN SULAYEM Mohammed (uae), President of the FIA, portrait during the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2023, 6th round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship from May 26 to 28, 2023 on the Circuit de Monaco, in Monaco – Photo Florent Gooden / DPPI

In the world of Formula 1, change is the only constant. According to sources, the FIA, the governing body of motorsport worldwide, had an internal deadline of June 30th to evaluate newly submitted applications from teams aspiring to be on the grid in 2025-2027. A source reveals that two applications have been given the green light to continue their application process. One could only speculate at this point, but a good guess would be that one of them could be Andretti. However, it’s pertinent to note that being given the green light doesn’t correlate with securing a spot on the grid. It simply implies the applicants have not been ruled out at this stage.

In a world that thrives on the thrill of anticipation, the silence about who the two bids hail from is deafening. Though it remains a guessing game, educated deductions point towards one of the bids possibly being from Andretti. A word of caution for the fans though- this is no affirmation of their spot on the grid. For now, they have merely been told they’re still in the running.

Andretti’s Surprising Bid

One of the leading figures of General Motors believes the Andretti Cadillac bid for a new Formula 1 entry has sprung a surprise on those who have been privy to the application. Andretti Global has joined forces with General Motors in an attempt to secure a spot on the F1 grid. By entering under the Andretti Cadillac name and pronouncing that it would be in close quarters with GM, the Michael Andretti-led project seems to have fulfilled the chief requirement of bringing in a manufacturing partner.

This partnership is perceived as a significant factor in why FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem deemed it necessary to initiate a formal evaluation process. Still, there were skeptics who questioned GM’s involvement. However, GM Motorsports’ executive director of competition, Eric Warren, maintains that there’s a “hardcore” effort between both Andretti and Cadillac to ready a car for 2025. He emphasized GM’s involvement in aerodynamics, mechanical design, and “combustion”.

The Andretti Cadillac Combination

From the little that is known, it’s evident that the Andretti Cadillac combo has impressed some stakeholders more than the other contenders. This, of course, is no assurance of an entry being granted. The original decision was expected to be reached by the end of June but due to early delays in the process and a request for more information from candidates, the final evaluation stage was extended.

The Andretti Cadillac team needs to convince a multitude of entities to make it to the grid. This is a process overlooked by the FIA, but the commercial rights holder also plays a crucial role. Even though the teams do not have a say in the matter, they’ve had a close relationship with F1 on commercial matters recently, as part of a collective effort to introduce a so-called franchise model.

Hitech’s Potential Entry into F1

The British racing team Hitech has confirmed its bid to join the Formula 1 grid in 2026, following an announcement of a significant new investment deal. The Silverstone-based squad, which currently races in F2, F3, and F4, revealed that its parent company, Hitech Global Holdings Limited, sold a 25 percent stake to Kazakh businessman Vladimir Kim. This transaction marks Kim’s inaugural venture into international motor racing.

“Motorsport has been a long-standing personal interest for me, and I am delighted to be entering into a partnership with an organisation that has enjoyed success in so many categories and has such ambitions for its future.” Kim said about the deal. Hitech CEO, Oliver Oakes, also expressed his delight in welcoming Vladimir Kim to the Hitech group.

Hitech’s F1 Ambition

This investment deal comes as Hitech hopes for a positive response from the FIA to join the F1 grid in the future. In a press release detailing the new investment, Hitech stated that its F1 ambition is a move that would complete its single-seater ladder and demonstrate that the team has all the right people, experience, and resources to compete alongside the best teams in the world.

The FIA’s current task is to evaluate bids from several parties interested in joining the grid. In addition to Hitech, other outfits that have confirmed their applications include Andretti, which has teamed up with Cadillac, and former BAR boss Craig Pollock, who has unveiled plans for ‘Formula Equal’, a team made up of a 50:50 male-female ratio of staff. As we wait for an official announcement, the anticipation continues to build, and the motorsport world watches with bated breath.

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