FP2 4 Hours of Le Castellet 2022 : COOL Racing on top

a race car driving down a race track
#17 Ligier JS P320 – Nissan / COOL RACING / Maurice Smith / Michael Benham / Malthe Jakobsen
Last Updated on September 7, 2023

The no37 Cool Racing Oreca 07-Gibson set the fastest lap during the final Free Practice session of the 4 Hours of Le Castellet weekend. Reigning champion Yifei Ye posted the best time of FP2, with a lap time of 1m43.634, only 0.017s ahead of the no34 Racing Team Turkey Oreca driven by Jack Aitken. The top four LMP2 cars were separated by less than a tenth of a second, with the no9 Prema Racing Oreca and the no19 Algarve Pro Racing Oreca completing the top four.


The no17 Cool Racing Ligier was the fastest of the eight LMP3 competitors, with Denmark’s Malthe Jakobsen setting the pace with a lap time of 1m50.400. He was followed by the no15 RLR MSport Ligier of Valentino Catalano and the no6 360 Racing Ligier of Ross Kaiser. The top three LMP3 cars were separated by less than three-tenths of a second.


a car driving on a race track with mountains in the background

The no77 Porsche 911 was the fastest of the twelve LMGTE entries, with Gianmaria Bruni posting a lap time of 1m53.505 in the Proton Competition run 911 RSR-19, 0.146s ahead of the no57 Kessel Racing Ferrari after Mikkel Jensen set a 1m53.651 lap. The no18 Absolute Racing Porsche of Alessio Picariello was third quickest, just 0.078s ahead of the first of the two Aston Martins, the no95 Oman Racing with TF Sport Vantage of Henrique Chaves.

The stage is now set for this afternoon’s qualifying for the 4 Hours of Le Castellet, which begins with LMGTE at 13h50.

13721:43.634200.534COOL RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
23461:43.651+0.017+0.017200.438Racing Team TurkeyLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
3941:43.656+0.022+0.005200.437Prema RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
419191:43.730+0.096+0.074200.333Algarve Pro RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
52861:43.768+0.134+0.038200.226IDEC SportLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
63031:44.239+0.605+0.471199.341Duqueine TeamLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
765111:44.344+0.710+0.105199.132Panis RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
82261:44.499+0.865+0.155198.836United AutosportsLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
95161:44.557+0.923+0.058198.736Team VirageLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
1047101:44.645+1.011+0.088198.540Algarve Pro RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
114091:44.932+1.298+0.287198.035Graff RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
128841:44.935+1.301+0.003198.036AF CorseLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
1321181:45.131+1.497+0.196197.636Mühlner MotorsportLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
144351:45.134+1.500+0.003197.638Inter Europol CompetitionLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
1535141:45.511+1.877+0.377196.929BHK MotorsportLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
1631141:45.609+1.975+0.098196.738TDS Racing x VaillanteLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
172431:45.772+2.138+0.163196.438Nielsen RacingLMP2Oreca 07 – GibsonG
181721:50.400+6.766+4.628188.22COOL RacingLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
191531:50.921+7.287+0.521187.36RLR MSportLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
206101:51.143+7.509+0.222186.937360 RacingLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
2114361:51.337+7.703+0.194186.637Inter Europol CompetitionLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
227121:51.346+7.712+0.009186.612Nielsen RacingLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
235161:51.378+7.744+0.032186.517RLR MSportLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
241071:51.489+7.855+0.111186.331EurointernationalLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
252161:51.760+8.126+0.271185.932United AutosportsLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
2627361:51.867+8.233+0.107185.736COOL RacingLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
2713351:52.133+8.499+0.266185.335Inter Europol CompetitionLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
283181:52.323+8.689+0.190185.031United AutosportsLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
29421:52.632+8.998+0.309184.518DKR EngineeringLMP3Duqueine M30 – D08 – NissanM
3011331:53.284+9.650+0.652183.435EurointernationalLMP3Ligier JS P320 – NissanM
317731:53.505+9.871+0.221183.038Proton CompetitionLMGTEPorsche 911 RSR – 19G
325731:53.651+10.017+0.146182.835Kessel RacingLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
3318251:54.016+10.382+0.365182.238Absolute RacingLMGTEPorsche 911 RSR – 19G
3495231:54.094+10.460+0.078182.137Oman Racing with TF SportLMGTEAston Martin Vantage AMRG
3560311:54.131+10.497+0.037182.037Iron LynxLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
3633171:54.301+10.667+0.170181.830Rinaldi RacingLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
379351:54.338+10.704+0.037181.737Proton CompetitionLMGTEPorsche 911 RSR – 19G
3855381:54.494+10.860+0.156181.538Spirit of RaceLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
3969111:54.499+10.865+0.005181.434Oman Racing with TF SportLMGTEAston Martin Vantage AMRG
408391:54.604+10.970+0.105181.338Iron LynxLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
4132341:54.986+11.352+0.382180.735Rinaldi RacingLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
4266241:55.326+11.692+0.340180.131JMW MotorsportLMGTEFerrari 488 GTE EvoG
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