ELMS 2023 Algarve & Portimao Preview : Schedule / Cars / Standing

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The start of the 4 Hours of Portimao.
Last Updated on October 12, 2023

Weekend Schedule

The grand finale of the season, a double-header, is set to commence on Friday, the 20th of October with the 4 Hours of Algarve. The excitement doesn’t end there though – motorsport fans will be treated to another thrilling race just two days later, on Sunday, the 22nd of October, when the 4 Hours of Portimão takes place.

These back-to-back races will certainly test the mettle and endurance of the teams and drivers. Like a grueling marathon followed by a sprint, this weekend promises to deliver high-octane action from beginning to end.

4 Hours of Algarve Schedule

Session NameDate
Free Practice 119 October 10:50am
Bronze Driver Collective Test19 October 05:20pm
Qualifying – LMGTE20 October 10:50am
Qualifying – LMP320 October 11:15am
Qualifying – LMP2 PRO/AM20 October 11:40am
Qualifying – LMP220 October 12:05pm
Race20 October 03:45pm

4 Hours of Portimao Schedule

SessionDate and Time
Free Practice 221 October 12:40pm
Qualifying – LMGTE21 October 06:20pm
Qualifying – LMP321 October 06:45pm
Qualifying – LMP2 PRO/AM21 October 07:10pm
Qualifying – LMP221 October 07:35pm
Race22 October 02:00pm

41 cars entered

Despite a notable absence from the #23 United Autosports ORECA due to an injury sustained by Jim McGuire at Aragon, there are still 41 entries for the grand finale. This swelling grid showcases the robust competitive spirit of these teams and drivers who are all vying for glory on the track.

Each entry boasts a unique mix of talent behind the wheel. From seasoned pros to rising stars, every driver will be pushing their cars and themselves to the limit in these final rounds. Just as a symphony is incomplete without each individual instrument, so too is motorsport without its diverse roster of drivers and teams.

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Who is still in the fight for an invitation to the 24h of Le Mans

As we approach this climactic finale, one question looms large: who will secure their place at Le Mans 2024? With a maximum of 52 points still up for grabs across various categories, nothing is set in stone. Five golden tickets to Le Mans are waiting at the finish line of this season’s European Le Mans Series.

1st LMP2 (invitation in LMP2)
2nd LMP2 (invitation in LMP2)
1st LMP2 Pro-Am (invitation in LMP2)
1st LMP3 (invitation in LMP2)
1st GTE (invitation in LMGT3)

LMP2 Championship :

  1. Algarve Pro Racing: 76 points
  2. Duqueine Team: 59 points
  3. Panis Racing: 56 points
  4. IDEC Sport: 55 points
  5. COOL Racing: 51 points
  6. United Autosports #22: 50 points

LMP2 Pro-Am Championship :

  1. Racing Team Turkey: 74 points
  2. AF Corse: 70 points
  3. COOL Racing: 58 points
  4. Nielsen Racing: 42 points
  5. United Autosports #21: 41 points
  6. Algarve Pro Racing: 28 points
  7. Proton Competition: 26 points
  8. DragonSpeed USA: 24 points

LMP3 Championship :

  1. COOL Racing: 91 points
  2. Inter Europol Competition: 45 points
  3. Racing Spirit of Léman: 44 points
  4. Eurointernational #11: 43 points

GTE Championship :

  1. Proton Competition #16: 61 points
  2. Iron Lynx: 61 points
  3. Kessel Racing: 53 points
  4. Proton Competition #77: 42 points
  5. Formula Racing: 40 points
  6. JMW Motorsport: 35 points
  7. Spirit of Race: 34 points
  8. AF Corse: 21 points
  9. Proton Competition #93: 20 points
  10. TF Sport #95: 19 points
  11. TF Sport #72: 16 points

Remember, in motorsport, it’s never over until the checkered flag drops. Each team and driver still has a shot at earning their place at Le Mans. So, grab your popcorn, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an electrifying weekend of racing!

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