What did Ferrari receive in exchange for signing Engine Rule 2026?

what did ferrari receive in exchange for signing engine rule 2026 4

Ferrari Agrees to Sign 2026 Regulations

Red Bull Powertrains Limited Approved as a New Constructor

Red Bull Powertrains Limited, a new Constructor has been approved and will be able to benefit from the advantages of the 2026 engine regulations that are being introduced. There is an investment of $25 million allocated over three years for development and more hours available on the test bench.

The news was reported by Corriere dello Sport, stating that Ferrari had agreed to sign up to the 2026 regulations after it had been isolated in its challenge against them. The Cavallino had not even been invited to the mid-December meeting due to their refusal to ratify the minutes of previous meetings.

However, according to Motorsport.com sources, Ferrari has now come up with a pre-agreement ahead of signing into the 2026 regulations which top management at Maranello seem pleased with. The Scuderia must have managed some important wins in order for them

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